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My first blog post …

Wait for it … *chews fingernails* *closes eyes*

Hold, please …

*opens eyes* *blinks in astonishment*


Well, the world didn’t implode, explode, or any other kind of ‘plode. I thought for sure, my venture into the world of blogging would end us all.

Welcome to my little world, which I have named Finding Faeries, because I do believe in faeries … I do, I do. I am on constant alert for magic. As cliche as it sounds, magic is everywhere. So, you, lucky readers, my new best friends, can share my strange view of the world.

Oh, come back! There might be cupcakes after the meeting …

My life as a stay-at-home mom consists of my husband and two kids (who need to driven everywhere and signed up for all the things), cats, grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, reading, and writing. I know, sounds truly exciting, I sense you perching on the edge of your seat. And what is so magical about this terribly normal life?

You’d be surprised.

It’s all about perspective. Look on the bright side, everything happens for a reason, stay positive, it’ll all be okay … yes, I’m one of THOSE people. My husband would like to strangle me on occasion, but the fact that he hasn’t speaks volumes. Deep down, we all want to see the light, the good … no matter how dim and dark life can seem and, believe me, I visit that place every once in a while. So step back into the light, don’t give up the search for the fantastic.

I shall embark on this new writing journey, a road covered in shadow. With my light of believing, I will follow and discover where it leads. What can you expect to find here, in my universe?

Well, my inspiration comes from everywhere. Strange, but completely normal events spark an idea, a thought … kinda like magic.

My life: Husband, kids, cats, chores … it can be tedious and frustrating, but only if I let it. Mostly, I find the daily grind hilarious. I’d even go as far as to say magical.

Stories: For me, books and movies hold power, transporting me anywhere and everywhere, giving hope or just a fun ride, possibly changing what we think or believe forever. Magic (sensing my theme?).

My imagination: The magic of creativity is endless. I write, edit, tiptoeing out into the world of hoping-to-be-published (also known as the world of getting-rejected). The way this process has changed me, made me who I have become, as well as boggling my mind, and I look forward to sharing the heart aches and soaring joy.

So I invite you to come with me in my search for faeries. I promise to be completely myself and won’t apologize for the odd, stray thoughts that so often roll around in my brain. Warning – my mind will take the occasional stroll into the dark and scary shadows (I do love Stephen King). I love fantasy, magic, paranormal, and horror. I promise to share any fabulous books and movies I find, for not doing so would be mean. I am a Trekkie, Whovian, Harry Potter nerd, Browncoat, and am becoming a Sleepy head. I am not ashamed to refer to Little House on the Prairie, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or anything Narnia related. So if you like all or some of these, can I get a Woo Hoo?

So this is me.


Nice to meet you. Thank goodness for computers and the Internet so I can remain on my couch and avoid being social.

Imagine …

The TARDIS has materialized before you …

Scotty offers to beam you up …

The wardrobe door opens …

Your ticket for the Hogwarts Express arrives …

As the conductor for my favorite train says, “Well … You comin’?”