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Happy Valentine’s Day! *tosses glittery confetti in air*

I’m kidding! I like the holiday, but I have no interest in shooting you in the rear with Cupid’s arrows or force you to wear something pink and red, which would be a disaster.

Roll your eyes at the day card, flower, and candy sellers have created just to make money. But this day holds a special place in my heart. Haha, heart! So I’m sharing my Valentine magic. Just sit still for a sec … *offers bag of conversation hearts* Yes, they’re the good ones made by Brachs.

What do I do on this special day, set aside for lovers? Not much. I am married, have been for eighteen years, which, according to my husband seems like forever. So I do have that ‘special someone’, at least I do now. In the years before I met him, I had … let’s see … oh, that would be zero boyfriends, dates, anything romance/relationship related. Yup. I’m that awesome.

Or possibly, just that shy.

On this love-filled day here’s what I look forward too …

Flowers? Newly married, oh so long ago, I worked for a company that made bouquets. For years, I worked until midnight the week before Valentine’s Day getting stuck with thorns trying to ship out the millions of dozen rose bouquets. So, don’t give me flowers … like ever.

Jewelry? Meh. The only flashy bling I wear is my engagement ring and wedding ring. Diamonds and gold just don’t mean love to me.

A fancy dinner out? Please. That would take me away from my comfy couch and yoga pants and force me out into the world of people. And to be honest, people scare me.

A simple card and box of chocolate? Now you’re talking.

When I was a kid, Valentine’s Day was special. And not because I had boys lined up waiting to ask me to dance at those torturous school parties. Ah, no. That girl standing by the wall, trying to disappear? That was me. (Okay, still is.)

The morning of February 14th brought love from a very special man. My dad. Like most men, emotions aren’t his thing. Not so much with the hugging and kissing, not a man made of words. He shows love other ways, you have to know what to look for. On Valentine’s day, my sisters (two to be exact, yes, three girls total, so feel sorry for the guy), mom, and I would find our own heart shaped box of chocolates and a card sitting in a line on the couch. The most expensive candy? Nope. But it was magic … priceless.

Because my dad took the time to buy them and line them up and pick out the perfect card for each of us. I still have them all tucked away. The words in those cards still make me smile, especially the word ‘Dad’ scribbled at the bottom.

So now, as a mom and wife, I create my own magic by picking out the perfect cards for my kids and husband and line them on the couch with their heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. And they love it. Because they know I love them.

That’s all Valentine’s Day needs to celebrate. Love in all forms. Wave your own magic wand, sprinkle fairy dust … let someone know they’re awesome not just today, but everyday.