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Certain places call me, attract me, well, to be honest … I need them. And it’s not the ultra-cool, local bar. Heck, I’m not sure there is one around here.

There are people, who I long to visit, to follow on adventures, or just plain life. And they’re not my fabulous set of BFFs that live down the street. Yeah … friends? Funny. I’d have to talk to people.

No. I’m talking about fiction. And that might make me a sad hermit with social issues. OR it might make me awesome. Or a bit of both? I can handle that.

Books, movies, TV … stories take us places. That’s why we read and watch!


I workout. It’s an obsession. When I am on my rower or elliptical, there would be nothing sadder than me going nowhere on my machines staring into space. I would read, but I have a fear of falling off said machines and trying to turn the page would probably cause my death. And that would be bad … right?

Anyone? Well, someone would miss me. Probably the kids and hubs when there is no dinner or clean clothes.

Never mind … let’s get back on track.

So I watch movies and TV shows to entertain myself, possibly taking my mind off how tired I am or that I would love to collapse on the couch. Choosing movies to keep my brain occupied, while I burn off the tons of chocolate I ate the day before, is quite the process. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to watch and other times it’s more of a this-will-do scenario. But I have noticed trends, places I have to return to … characters and adventures I miss.

Hogwarts, Narnia, the Enterprise, Serenity (yes, I own the entire TV series on DVD), the Ingalls log house (another entire series I own on DVD), the TARDIS, the Millenium Falcon, Middle Earth, the Black Pearl, Camp Half Blood, and The Overlook Hotel. (A big THANKS to Mr. King for writing a sequel to that one!) TV, books, or movies, I go back to these worlds with a smile, knowing what I will find.


I love them all, the magical worlds of fiction waiting to take me on journeys.

The end of the journey causes problems. When the Hogwarts Express arrives to take everyone home for the summer, my heart breaks. When the end credits role, I hum to the music, letting all my joy at the world I was allowed to visit sink into my soul. After flipping the last page and closing the cover, my finger traces the title. My mind lingers on all the emotion at saying good-bye to my friends. How many times have I called out to Kings Peter and Edmund, to Queens Susan and Lucy NOT TO GO IN THERE … THAT WILL TAKE YOU AWAY FROM NARNIA! But they never listen. When they tumble out of the wardrobe, I sigh. It can’t be over.

Can the TARDIS come back now? Doctor?

Beam me up Scotty, I want to explore strange new worlds.

Cap’n Mal? I’d love to help you rob that train.

Frodo, let me carry the Ring. Or better yet, I’ll go slay orcs with Legolas and Aragorn.

The Overlook can’t have exploded. I like it there. It’s creepy. Well, except for those hedge animals … they can burn. *shudder*

I don’t want to leave! *bangs on wardrobe doors* For Narnia!

I’m left wondering when I can return.

And there’s the magic. Not an if … but, when. All my favorite characters, the adventure and fantastical places wait for me on shiny discs, in words written forever in black and white, waiting for my imagination to bring them to life.

Recently I journeyed through the wardrobe to free Narnia, went back through the tunnel to meet Prince Caspian, and traveled through the picture to voyage on the Dawn Treader. At the end of each adventure, I sniffed back a few tears.

Now, after facing Voldemort and saving the Sorcerer’s Stone, after slaying the basilisk, I am ready to face the dementors with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. After watching Harry grow up and save the world, I’ll soon grab those books from their spots on my shelf, so pay attention to my ‘currently reading’ status on Goodreads. How can I stay away?

I CAN’T! Don’t make me.

We never have to leave. It’s hard when the story ends, but we carry pieces of the stories we love with us forever. All my favorite characters make me better, allowing me to view the world differently. The best tales change us, open our eyes. And lucky us, we can go back whenever we want.

Just like magic.

Where do you love to go? Who can’t you wait to visit again and again? I’m getting on the Hogwarts Express … wanna come?