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Yesterday, I wanted all the cookies. I couldn’t stop crying. Fear and self doubt had me in a choke hold.

And today … I imprisoned those monsters back in the dark corners of elsewhere.

Victory is MINE!Ā  *evil laugh*

I submitted my drawing again … all redrawn and stuff. And I have been accepted as an illustrator.

Everyone can breathe again.

All my ranting and worrying about working with technology I didn’t understand … All the awful it’s not good enough moments …

Done. Over. Kaput. So long, sucker.

My dream will come true because I stayed true to me. I worked with my art the way I know how. To find success, I never needed to look anywhere but here, in my own magic-filled head. We all have what we need to make our dreams come true.

If we believe. Which, I mentioned, is the hardest thing to do.

So I continue on my journey to have my art in a book. Eeeeeek! *flails* All thanks to Reuts Publishers and their anthology of twisted fairy tales.

First, I picked my story (yes, the one I had my heart set on was still there, waiting for me). *sigh* I mean zombie elves? Who could say no? Soon I shall set off to read the story and get all the ideas.


See the fear … it never really goes away. What if I have no good ideas? What if I have a bajillion ideas and can’t execute any of them? What if no one likes what I do (especially the author, cause that would be terrible)?

What if …

What if …

Ah! Take all those doubts, ball them up and throw them into deep hole.

Why? Because I have everything I need to make this dream come true. I can’t promise no panic attacks or fights with self doubt, but I can promise to do my best.

And isn’t that good enough?