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Even though spring is hiding … somewhere … we have reached the magical time of the school year known as SPRING BREAK! A little vaca from school and all things related, getting up earlier than I would like, packing lunches, driving them to school, signing homework planners … all that blah, blah, blah.

Every spring break we take a trip, the same one. First we go to my parents’ house in Illinois. My mom and dad, my sister and her hubs and two kids all live there. My other sister and her hubs and two kids usually drive up too so we can ALL BE TOGETHER!

I love these visits. As my kids grow, my favorite moments are watching them interact with my family. We’re awesome. A little crazy, but in a good way.

I get to visit with my four nieces, who I don’t get to see enough. And you should hear some of our conversations! Six-year-olds know things! And they share everything and there’s no one better to talk silly than with my nieces. Seriously. Weird runs in the family. πŸ™‚ I’m certain I will be called upon to read ALL THE BOOKS to them! Skippyjon Jones being one of our favorites.

We are going to see The Muppets: Most Wanted. We will take the three block walk to the local candy shop. We will go see the progress my dad has made on the house he is flipping. We will chit-chat and laugh hysterically.

A moment of honesty … I hate leaving home. I get serious anxiety at the thought of going away even to visit my marvelous family. Once I’m gone, I’m fine, but before … *flails* … My cats. My house – my safe, comfy place. But I leave, and I survive. And I have a great time.

So HAPPY SPRING BREAK … even without warmer temps and spring flowers. I am headed for joy-filled days with my family. I am ready to let go of everything I’ve been over-thinking (yes, writing, that could be you … yes, workout and eating, that could be you). I will be relaxing, not worrying, taking a break from real life.

There is magic in a bit of down time. Everyone should grab hold of those moments.

So I must dash, because I am not READY TO GO! Bye! *waves*

What is the best way for you to unwind?