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It’s been a long, long frozen winter. We’re tired of being cold. We’re tired of school being cancelled. We’re ready …


Now technically, spring began back on March 20th. But winter held on with all its might. Here in Northeast Indiana, the temperatures are rising into the 60’s, the sun is shining. I have banished my winter coat to its hook … forrrrreeeeeevvvvverrrrrr (or at least until November).

As we exit the darkness of winter, squinting at that strange glowing orb in the sky, take a moment.


Those tiny green shoots that emerge from a no-longer frozen ground. The green haze of new leaves that will coat the tree-tops. The singing of birds. Daffodils. Crocuses. Tulips. Soon my Weeping Cherry tree and flowering pears will be GOOOOOORGEOUS!

If you blink, if you keep your attention focused on ALL THE THINGS … kids, work, real life … you’ll miss the amazing transformation when winter fades and spring carries us into summer. There’s all sorts of science at work, but I like to call it magic. (I’d refer to Tinkerbell and her friends, but real fairies don’t care if you believe or how hard you clap.)

Let’s all emerge from our homes where we have tucked ourselves away from all the ice, snow, and bone-chilling wind and revel in spring. I will be hanging out at the ballpark, watching my kids play baseball and softball. I will be rocking on my glider out in my gazebo. I will be uncovering all my perennials as they return.

Where will you be to witness the magic?