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My creative egg-dying adventure

My creative egg-dying adventure

Dying eggs.

Baskets full of candy.

Finding eggs the Easter Bunny expertly hid in our shoes.

All the girls in beautiful dresses at church.



Any holiday that combines the religious belief of Jesus rising from the dead (in a non-zombie way) with a giant bunny bringing candy and hiding colored hard boiled eggs deserves a day to itself. Seriously.

Easter has its own magic.

Coloring eggs was always a fun day in my house, still is. Any excuse to be creative! We dropped a few, we had a few that looked slightly less impressive than others, but we didn’t care. The Easter Bunny hid them all and we scrambled around the house to find them Easter morning. One year, we did discover an egg a few months (or six) later when I put my foot in my winter boot. Oops.

Egg salad sandwiches for everyone!

Of course, the candy-filled Easter baskets were the star. Nothing like jelly beans for breakfast! My sister and I would actually count all our beans and trade colors (she didn’t like black ones, silly girl). Mom made her three girls matching dresses each Easter. We even got those white straw hats with ribbons. We were cute … and no, don’t ask for pics, I don’t have them. In our new finery, she pried us from our sugar-filled wonder to go to church.

And now all grown-up (well sorta) I do the same for my kids. Yea! Kids mean you don’t have to dye eggs alone. Cause I would.

Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, Peeps, Cadbury Eggs (those still ROCK!) all nestled in a pile of plastic grass. Magic. Let’s not forget the real magic. Easter brings hope. Rebirth. Renewal. It reminds us to never give up, never despair, anything is possible.

Of course a few Cadbury Eggs (mini or the big ones, I do not discriminate) make the season hoppy. (Ah! I crack myself up.)

What does Easter mean to you? What traditions do you have?