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For … a whiiiile now, I have been editing a manuscript that I wrote years ago. I have never forgotten it. I still love the idea, the characters, the worlds I created. But it needs help.

My YA fantasy ‘Doors’ takes sixteen-year-old Bryn through a door that leads her to all the worlds. She becomes a friend, a hero, a slave, a leader, and a storyteller, but most of all she becomes someone she can love. All it takes is a bit of believing.

Believe. One of my favorite words. A couple of syllables that hold a ton of magic.

Well, I believe that this editing business is going extremely slow. So I gave myself a deadline! I know! Seems extreme, but if I don’t, I’ll keep going … FOREVERRRRRRR.

Seriously. I have a problem. I wish I could love me.

The work can always be better. Always. Don’t stop! Keep editing, changing, adding, subtracting … until it becomes pushing the words around. And who does that help? No one.

I want to be through this WIP by the end of the month.

Now. Now. *puts up hand*

Yes. I do realize that this date is closer than I think. I also know that I am halfway through the WIP, not far enough. I also keep rewriting after receiving critiques, which digs me deeper into my revision hole. And after my critique group yesterday, I will have to go back to chapter 6 … again.

WILL I MAKE IT? I will! Eventually … if my dream comes true … I will have to work with real deadlines, not just my own, but from a publisher. I should practice.

I have to BELIEVE!

Alice in Wonderland believes six impossible things before breakfast.

1) Someday I will see a fairy, ghost, or witness an inexplicable event.

2) My hubs has emotions.

3) I can fly.

4) I will read everything on my TBR list. (It just keeps getting longer!)

5) I will have a pet dragon.

6) I am a writer. Someday people will buy and read my books.

Believe in anything and everything, just do it! Anything is possible.

So? What do you believe?