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I set my deadline.

I went to work, delving into all the words with my hope wrapped up in a pretty bow.

The bow has begun to unravel.

But have no fear. I have two days and five chapters left. I am resisting the urge to climb under the couch and hide with a bag of M&M’s.

Yesterday, my time with chapter sixteen was the longest day ever. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little. As I was reading, I realized that my main character was spending too much time doing the same thing, going over the same thoughts and feelings. Anyone who knows me will tell you that pretty much defines my writing. So delete! And move on. Done!

However, when moving through the words, I noticed an opportunity to add a scene, which (in my humble opinion) would give another layer to the story, give my main character the push she needs! Yea! A new scene. Then two hours later after staring at very few words for said scene I wanted to bang my head against a wall. Anyone else out there? *squints out into crowd* Anyone?

After a few more hours … success! I finished the scene and I like it.

Of course, by then it was midnight and my eyes were burning and my brain was fried.

Now, I face those final days of April and those final chapters. And with all the focus on the WIP, my blog began to feel left out, so here I am to appease it and share a bit of my journey with my blogging friends and maybe make you smile or, if you are slogging through the word-filled trenches too, help you know that you are not alone!

Wave our magic wands. Drink our magic potions (chocolate milk anyone?). Sprinkle fairy dust on ourselves and make the biggest wish EVER! Onward and upward!
Who’s with me?