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“Why, Bryndel?” Her ma’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “Why should I believe?”

Bryn turned and gazed at her ma. A woman, a person.

“Believing is the magic.”

The final words of my WIP ‘Doors’! Last time I dropped in, I had five chapters left to revise, and I had given myself a deadline, the end of April.

I finished on the first day of May. I missed my deadline … and I’m okay with that! I set the goal to get my butt in the chair and words on the screen. And that’s what I did. Real life came along. Tis the season for baseball and softball practices. My hubs was home looking to actually spend time with me. So I set aside my words for the family. But I went back! I didn’t give up! And I’m going to take myself to a movie to celebrate. The Quiet Ones. I know … that scary stuff again.

Now … I have a page of scribbled notes, thoughts of what I missed or little holes I want to fill. But not today. I am setting the ms aside for a week. I have been submerged in the words for a while and I need a break. “Let the eyebrows grow back” as my fabulous CP Elsie Elmore would say … http://elsieelmore.com/2014/05/02/the-summer-my-eyebrows-grew-back/.

*raises fist in air*

Yea for all of us out there pushing through our fears and frustrations to get where we want to go. We are not alone!

Of course, this means I now face the query and synopsis.


I do have a file labeled Doors query and synopsis … so I will not be facing a blank page. Unless I have to delete it and start from scratch, that happens.

Another project lingers in the back of my mind. I want to post a story here *gestures wildly* on my blog. A dream I will work on making come true.

Keep working to find and achieve your dreams. We can all do it, especially when we support each other. All it takes is believing.

What do you believe?