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All artists, whether we paint with words, colors, or sounds need support from other artists, from those who understand what it’s like to have images and characters and melodies drifting through our minds.

When I speak of what I’m writing, when my voice rises to a fever pitch as I dive into what is exciting or frustrating … my hubs expression goes blank, his eyes glaze over, he reaches for his phone. So I stop talking. Art is a solitary experience. So much of it happens in the dark corners of our minds. Non-artists don’t understand and many of them just don’t want to. When I first started writing, almost ten years ago, I didn’t have any idea that this I-love-to-be-alone-please-don’t-make-me-interact-with-people girl would someday NEED people. But it happened.

I have a wonderful writer’s group … The Summit City Scribes. When I was invited to a meeting, I was scared. I knew these writers would be able to spot a big, old fraud. I wrote words, but I wasn’t a writer. I went because I knew it was time for feedback, for comments, no matter how it might hurt. The thing is, it didn’t hurt, it helped. I grew as a writer. I found friends to talk about writing and THEY TALKED BACK WITH EXCITEMENT! Bingo! Simply magical.

To my Scribes friends … THANK YOU! I love getting together with all of you. πŸ™‚Β  You have made me a better and happier me.

Through my Critique group, I learned how every writer needs social media to be able to promote themselves. Uuuuummmm … great, I have nothing to promote. Hello, just me. Technologically challenged, I was leery. I joined Twitter about two years ago, clueless. As I tiptoed through the tweets, I finally figured it out. I could make writer friends without leaving my comfy pants or house! THIS IS BRILLIANT! Suddenly, I was interacting with other writers. I was entering pitch contests, sharing all my frustration and nerves with SO MANY OTHERS! Everyone understood. I had found my people – and I didn’t have to find a portal to another universe to get there.

But it’s more. Have a bad day writing? Twitter friends will cheer you up. Panic sets in because of queries? Twitter friends will send you chocolate. Don’t want to look at those words you wrote yesterday certain they suck? Twitter friends will pat you on the back and say, “So what? Words sometimes suck, but you can make them better!” I have met so many writers who are willing to swap queries and pages, and stories, offering great critiques. I have found CPs (critique partners), who are so great! When I need to share my worries or triumphs, I go to Twitter. Someone is always there. I just hope that I am doing my part. That I am one to help spread the understanding, the good feelings, and I pray that my critiques measure up to the ones I have received. Twitter has saved my sanity. That sounds … well, weird, but it’s true.

To all my Twitter friends … THANK YOU! I couldn’t live each day without you. You mean so much. πŸ™‚

I am happy to be a part of the marvelous world of writers in my critique group and my Twitterverse! Where is your support? Are you twittering or in a group? Could you live without it?

Not me. Magic is real. It lives in our peers, in ourselves. SPREAD THE MAGIC!