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My short story ‘The Day after I Died’ is now complete and posted – please check out all three parts in my menu at the top.

*bows* Thank you!

This story was my attempt at a bit of humor mixed with my favorite kind of weird … demon, faeries, or whatever you want to name it.

I believe in that stuff. Ghosts, demons, faeries, angels, and the other generally unexplainable exists behind a veil that most people’s limited vision can’t penetrate. All there and all the same, just given different names. Each person, who comes in contact with that other side, experiences something different. The person dying might witness an angel because they need comfort. Someone who is scared out of their mind will call it demon or ghost. Faerie isn’t a term as widely used anymore *points to my sad face*. But they’re there too … I recommend Guillermo del Toro’s movies ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’  or ‘Don’t be Afraid of the Dark’ for truly creepy fae.

Some people out there in the world, can see them. No not me. (I know! So depressing.) Some people are born with the gift and others gain it. When you die, I believe the veil lifts allowing you to SEE … all questions are answered, everything becomes known. So, when you die and are brought back, thanks to medical genuis, the veil remains gone.

I’ve watched ‘A Haunting’ on TV for years. I’ve seen ‘Paranormal Witness’. Encounters with these things from beyond don’t always go well, but I want my own experience. I want to see!

In my story, Beck dies, but is saved. Yea! Maybe. Now the veil has lifted for him. What is the thing he chases wildly through the city in his hospital gown? Demon? Faerie? Angel?

Anyone ever see a ghost? Anyone want to? Anyone think I’m crazy? *yells at hubs to put his hand down* *laughs* I’m not crazy.