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Happy Memorial Day!

The kids are home from school. The hubs is not going to work.

Ummmmm …

I work really well … alone. I am the boss. I can choose what to do.

When everyone is home, it throws off my equilibrium. There are people in my workout space. Do you think they’ll need to eat and think I will make them food? I suppose my hubs will want me to help him with some project.

I want to sit and write.

So today, I solemnly swear to do what I want – what I need to do –  to get through this WIP, to climb closer to my dreams … all while not ignoring my family. Well, not ALL day.

My quiet days at home will end soon. *red alert* Going to Defcon 3 … seven days of school left. Seven. *holds in my tears*

Anyone else out there struck in limbo? Anyone else panic when life’s routine is thrown off course? Anyone?

Will you hold my hand?