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Thirteen years ago today, I became a mom.

Pregnancy wasn’t my favorite thing. Hello heartburn. Good-bye any kind of control over my bladder.

But the thought of a baby really made me shudder in fear. I have admitted to not being a ‘baby person’. Those little bundles of crying and pooping joy cause panic to trample through my brain.

Thirteen years ago, I had never changed a diaper. I had never fed a baby. Then BLAM-O I had my own.


What was I supposed to do with him? What if I dropped him on his head? What if I DID EVERYTHING WRONG?

My mom did not live around the corner. Hubs loves babies, so he was in heaven with his new son, but soon hubs went back to work. I became a stay-at-home mom.

Day by day, did what I thought a should. My boy seemed happy. He was growing, gaining abilities (none of them super-power related – bummer). I was getting the hang of it. Of course, as soon as I figured out one thing, everything changed.

But I made it. And today I celebrate my son Logan, who is now a teenager. He is a fantastic kid. I am so proud of him, and, as much as I would love to take credit for his fabulousness, I figure most of it he found by himself.

We enter the dreaded teen years, I am not afraid. He’ll be who he is and we’ll all roll with whatever happens. (ask me again if I am afraid in a little over a year when my daughter turns 13)

I have found a happy place here in the land of older kids. As soon as I lived through babies and toddlers, life made more sense. All of us out there with kids, celebrate them! They are awesome and each day they get closer to moving out, to face the world, to add their special touch to reality. Enjoy who they are, enjoy watching who they become, savor every moment for it goes all too quickly.

All moms and dads, guardians and parental figures raise your hands … HIGH FIVE!

Cake anyone?