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We leave on vacation tomorrow. There is camping involved, so there’s a lot to do.

I am running around moving things here and there, adding things to the list, checking the list, doing laundry.


Yes, we’re excited to see Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone! I am nervous about leaving my home, spot on the couch, my wifi (SERIOUS PANIC HERE!), computer, and cats. I’m sure the pool, which I have been working on keeping clear and gross-free, will be a mess when we return.

But that is nothing. I’ve done all that before. And I survived.

This trip is different because we are stopping (TOMORROW NIGHT! RED ALERT) so I can visit – face-to-face! – a friend I ‘met’ on Twitter about a year ago. RENA!



What if she doesn’t like me? What if we sit there staring awkwardly at the floor?  What if putting two Twitter friends together in reality (let’s be honest I don’t like it there) will make the world explode?

Comfortably conversing with people over the Internet from my couch is my happy place. I can edit all my thoughts so I don’t sound like the true idiot I am. I can sensor my words so I can be cool. That will be taken away from me. I’ve seen pics of her, but really I don’t know how tall she is. What if I’ve been pronouncing her name wrong in my head this entire time? I’ve never actually heard her speak? Will she sound like I imagine?

This reality thing is serious beeeezzzneezzz, people.


*takes a breath*


I’m sure it will be awesome, because Rena is a fairy queen and incredibly nice and super supportive. Stalk… I mean follow her on Twitter @originallyrena. Because.

And we will not let fear conquer us. Another Twitter friend Jamie Adams blogged so beautifully about fear http://jamieadamswriting.wordpress.com/2014/07/09/about-fear-and-the-things-beyond/ … go read it. And then follow her on Twitter @Jamie_Adams22. I get to meet her too later this month!

AH! All the new things! I have dreams of how magical this could be. A fantastic new friendship beyond the boundaries of the computer. I WILL BE AWESOME!

I think.

I will return a better me. All who face their fears will be.