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I am driving to Muncie, IN today to attend my first writers’ conference.


So with visitors and vacation, I pushed the thought of the conference to the back of my mind, but yesterday it hit me. I was going, venturing out into the unknown. The unknown is scary, pretty sure monsters lurk there. *mixes up monster spray*

Stepping off the comfortable life-path makes my mind scream “NOOOOOO!”. Seriously, I am considering hiding in a closet. But I will not be alone. Not only will there be a bajillion writers there all wishing they could curl up in a quiet corner and read a book, but I am lucky enough to get to share the days with two fabulous Twitter-writer friends Rena Olsen and Jamie Adams. Together we will be awesome.

Taking the leap into the shadows gives me hope that when one of my manuscripts is accepted for publication, I will not freak out (completely), but will be able to stride semi-comfortably into the world of publishing.

I suppose that’s what life is, from when we take our first steps to when we reach for who we want to be, for what we want for ourselves. I will face my fears, reach for my dreams, and mature… a bit, but I promise to never grow-up. I will keep my eyes open to watch for the magic in each and every phase of life. Over the next few days, I will giggle and laugh, smile and stay out of the shadows, no matter how uncomfortable, how nervous I am. When I return, I will share what I find. Now back to laundry, packing, and generally freaking out.

When it’s difficult to find that happy, dear friends, I hope my shaky grin will lift you up. We’re in this together, whatever we do with all our insecurities. Writing. Parenthood. Relationships. Learning.


So live.