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There are bad people in the world. Terrible things happen.

I haven’t been following every moment of the tragic events in Ferguson. I don’t know every detail. Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows all the facts and we might never know. I do know that a lot of people have decided that they know what happened and are angry, more than that they’re enraged. Instead of grieving, of acknowledging mistakes, learning and moving on, they are acting on their rage.

They need someone to blame. But there is no one to blame.

The anti-police comments have brought me to tears. For those of you who don’t know, my hubs has been a cop for almost 19 years. People have pulled guns and shot at him, people have run from him, people have told him he should have better things to do than pull them over, people have tried to hit him. He’s seen people dead in their homes, been in the midst of angry crowds ready to riot, and sat out all night in the rain to catch people when they decided to break the law and steal. He has been trained to deal with all of this. He has put on riot gear and sprayed mace. He has drawn his gun, but never used it. He does his job to the best of his ability, like a lot of the police out there.

I’m not saying all police are good. Like all human beings everywhere, there are those who don’t follow the rules and sometimes they make mistakes. We all do.

Being a cop is a tough job. Before we blame those in uniform for everything that goes wrong, let’s remember that they are people. Just people, who make mistakes, who have problems, and who are doing their jobs. And they have families. So in my own little way, I am here to stand up for them. If you haven’t been in their shoes don’t judge.

What happened in Ferguson was terrible and I grieve for the loss of life, but this happens everywhere. People shoot people all the time and no one does anything, until it involves a cop, until it involves race.

Did a cop make a mistake? I don’t know. Maybe. Or maybe he did what he needed to. No one will ever know because no one is listening. No one cares. But we should.

Are the events in Ferguson the fault of the police? No. People decided to react by standing and screaming for blood, for justice.

How is this making our world better?

It’s not.

We are Human. There will always be bad people. There will always be violence because someone can’t accept someone else. There will always be violence because no one cares to listen. Reacting to violence with violence only increases the hate and rage.

So take a step back. Before we decide who to blame for all the evil in the world, let’s look at ourselves. Are we doing everything we can to make our world better? Or are we just pointing fingers hoping no one looks back at us, at our mistakes, at our problems.

Don’t lose sight of the magic that is life.

And now I will climb down from my soapbox … carry on.