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I stand at the edge of a cliff… staring out at space.

space2See all those points of light? That’s what’s happening in my head. All the possibilities of what I can do next… story ideas, new manuscripts, old manuscripts… not one screaming any louder than the rest. What do I do? Where do I go?

I wish a path would appear before me… calm, inviting, one that fits just right…

forestpathpathrhodosI don’t have to be able to see the end, but somewhere solid to place my feet. Or heck…

Zion AL

Even a tougher climb, but a clear way to go. (And I have in real life made this hike… to the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, Utah, if you haven’t been there… GO! You don’t have to climb this, but it’s gorgeous there. And yes you hike along that ridge.)

Imma just hangin out in limbo… waiting for a few rejections… in the aftermath of pitchwars…

I have a goal to post a story on wattpad… going to do that. But first I must peruse all my semi-complete stories. I’ll do a bit of CPing, because I love it.

There’s a MG fantasy, a NA horror, NA fantasy, possible revisions for my YA fantasy Doors, and a sequel to Doors swirling in my head. A complete YA magical realism manuscript waits for revisions… a (very old) YA fantasy in rough draft stage lurks in my computer.

I am having mucho fun writing horror lately.


I will start to research a few things and see if I can’t spark interest in my brain, which is strangely calm considering. Japanese myths and demons tug at my brain for that horror idea. The land of No Where for my MG sounds interesting too. Maybe I can get those gray-cells going, create a path out of the nothing. I do love creating. Waiting for inspiration to speak up might push me into panic. How long can I putter around before, well…

fireflymadOr hubs finally tells me to GET A REAL JOB!

Anyone else out there floating about in limbo? Why is inspiration so quiet?

*feeds inspiration chocolate*