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We’re getting a puppy!

My life will be forever changed, and, for a while, it will be utter chaos. That’s just what I need… said no one ever.

We’ve had a dog and the work it requires, especially at first,  makes my head hurt.


I hate change. I love how my life has settled into comfortable ease. Knowing what will happen each day brings me peace. Seriously, the rut I have created is deep. I like it here.

Panic and anxiety dig their claws into my heart. What are we doing? A puppy? *clings to my routine*



Hubs told me long ago he wanted a dog. We moved out to the country so he could have land for a dog. The kids want a dog and are ready to help. It’s time. I agreed.

It was a choice. Most changes are. We can prepare for them. Make a plan, which will immediately fail and more panic will ensue, but I can hope.

We are also putting in a fireplace. As soon as the air cooled, hubs remembered last winter and, well, he hates the cold. So the family room is a mess. I can handle it… *breathes* Again, it was a choice.

Not all change is chosen. Sometimes things just happen and can bring excitement or complete and utter fear. It’s those moments that really play with our minds and emotions.


Recently, I have been drawn to writing horror. Wait… what? I have been a fantasy girl FOREVER. I read horror. I love horror, but I could never write it. No way.

Maybe way. My horror short stories have done okay. I like them. It seems that my writing style works with the genre. Cool! I’m excited, because I am going to do a bit of research and write a NA horror manuscript. I am also scared out of my mind. Time to climb out of my comfy rut.

It’s good for me… right?

The family room is a construction zone… *resists urge to clean ALL THE TIME*

I will introduce a puppy to my four cats and a new home, away from his mom and litter-mates, and attempt to train him.

My short stories call for attention and Japanese myths and demons draw me to learn more about them.

Here I go! *pulls self out of rut* *wipes sweat and dirt from my eyes*


Change is scary, for me anyway, but it isn’t the end of the world. So many changes have happened in my life and have brought me here. Here is good -a bit wibbly-wobbly from time to time, but I like it. I have faith. Whatever the Universe brings, either what I choose or what chooses me, I will be better for it, stronger, unstoppable.


Anyone else have to climb out of their rut recently?