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Yesterday brought me two extremes.

I cried tears of joy, squeeeeeeing uncontrollably, one moment and fell into complete sadness the next. {HUGS} to those friends, who let me into their lives and shared their emotions.

How strange life can be. How weird and unpredictable this world we live in actually is. Living the life of an artist, brings an uncontrollable element – other people. Those who create beauty either with words or paint or whatever exist to share what they do and with that comes the fabulousness of acceptance and the devastation of rejection.

We can’t do what we do without people to receive it. And we want people to read our words, experience our art. And, lord help us all, we want people to LIKE what we do.

Therein lies the problem. That bad review… that rejection waving the red flag of failure. In our minds, we know not everyone will like what we do, we know the rejections will come. And no matter how many you get, they hurt! Our hearts scream that we’re not good enough. But we can’t give up, I mean take a day to shovel chocolate in your face and feel like an utter waste of space, sure. Then get up. Find friends who can remind you how awesome you are (and listen to them, people, they know stuff). Because the person who is wiping away tears of joy one day might not feel so hot the next. The despairing person licking the bottom of the carton of ice cream at 3 am might be celebrating a victory hours later.

I’m hovering somewhere in-between hope and giving up completely. I’m cheer leading for my friends. I’m CPing. I’m working on short stories, because they’re fun. I’m waiting (not patiently) for a new story contest to be announced… AH! And then panic because what if I enter and I suck! *breathes*

As I linger here in limbo, I take stock of my victories and sit with my doubts. If my life means forever cheer leading? That’s okay. I will continue to critique others’ manuscripts, because, when someone says that my comment helped them make their story better, I sit up straighter and smile brighter.

But I won’t ever stop writing. I won’t ever stop sending my words out into the world, hoping someone loves them. That darn dream.

The world is weird. The life of an artist is strange, unexplainable, a roller coaster of emotions. Get on the ride. Enjoy it. Relish the fact you get to ride even when turns evil. For all my writer friends, (and we won’t dwell on the sad fact that most of them exist on Twitter) stay awesome, keep supporting each other, share encouragement, share your words.

In the end, figure out who you want to be and BE THAT PERSON. You can’t ever fail at being you. EVER.