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Hello, Monday!

Blog day when I search my head for what has been tumbling around in there and write about it. However, today, not much stomps through my brain. Well, I take that back. Plenty of things are roaming the darkness that is my mind, perhaps that’s why I can’t focus on one topic.

Let’s celebrate those weeks where all sorts of cool things are set to happen, when we let go of the stress and are ready to enjoy the ride. I sit here, on Monday morning, ready for the week, for all the fun, the unexpected, whatever wants to roll my way. Bring it on, life.

We have closed the pool. Whew. That is a load off my thoughts.

I have clipped, pruned, and weeded… fall yard work can be checked off the list.

I finished critiquing a manuscript last night. Yea!

The weight on my shoulders has lifted. I feel free. Accomplishment is a fabulous friend.

So I look forward to what this week brings.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), our puppy gets to come home. The kids don’t know, but he will be here to welcome them home from school. They will be so HAPPY! My excitement (he is so cute!) is dimmed by a nervous energy, and, if you know me, you know I don’t like change… it makes me a panicked mess. Do not be surprised if the next blog post is me pulling my hair out at how many messes I’ve cleaned or what has been destroyed by tiny puppy teeth.


Wednesday… let’s just take a moment and enjoy that October will be here! The beauty of fall will reach its peak in a couple of weeks. The colors. The chatter of the browned cornstalks. The chill in the air. *sigh* And HALLOWEEN! Even though my kids have decided they are too old for tick-or-treating (WHAT?) I will still find fun.


On Friday, my haunted house themed story will be posted on the Pen and Muse blog in their showcase! I had a great time writing that one. All the dark and creepy! I will be visiting their blog all month to read all the stories and see the art work.


Of course, Friday means the release of the movie Annabelle (did I spell that right?). I will see that… I will have nightmares, because creepy doll… but I will see that! Alone.

On Sunday, The Midnight Society will announce the winner of the flash fiction contest, you can read about that hereย https://findingfaeries.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/lets-celebrate-flash-fiction-conquered/. There aren’t many entered, so I might have a shot. *crosses fingers*

Anyway… maybe a rejection will poke its nose into the week, but oh well. I have more CPing to do and stories to revise and post on wattpad. I will share my triumph (hopefully) of that experience later.

I will enjoy what will come. I am letting the stress go, throwing my hands up and screaming in joy and prepared to laugh if it goes awry – cause it will, kids, this is life. If you stare out at a week full of the terrifyingly uncontrollable stuff, a week of exciting new developments, or a plain ol’ week of blah make sure to enjoy the ride. We only get one.

Laugh in the face of danger.


Smile at fate.


Keep your eyes open to all the possibilities.

Shine on, fellow riders. Don’t forget to look for the magic.