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There is only one thing on my mind today.



On Tuesday, we brought our 7 week old German Shepard puppy home and my life went all wibbly-wobbly, upside down… AH!

His name is Talon, and the level of cute is… *melts*.


I stand in the middle of change, of wondering what life will become as this little fur-ball settles into our lives. So far, I have clung to my sanity, I have embraced the work, and am beginning to mourn what was.

Because with change comes loss.

I take him outside all the time, to play, to go potty. I praise him for good behavior and my mind spins with all the things I should do, I could do… trying to make a plan on how best to integrate this little guy into our lives. HOW? Time. Right? In time, he will stop whining and crying at night when I lock him in his cage. This makes two nights with not so much sleep. In time, he will figure out that the house is not a potty… cleaning pee off the rugs is not my favorite thing.

However, I miss my cats. I miss the curled up balls of fuzz that usually sit with me while I write. I love my cats. Seriously, I’m the crazy cat lady.

Pixie helping me type... not really

Pixie helping me type… not really

I hold onto hope that house training will happen soon, that he will pick up the routine quickly. I grasp onto the hope that my cats will get over theirs fear and come back to me. They just need time.

When things change, perhaps we all cling to what once was, holding onto what we know. Sometimes we do. Sometimes it’s best to let the past fade away. Sometimes combining the past with what will be just takes a moment and a bit of faith (and maybe a butt-load of magic). Timey-wimey stuff, kids.

Now to face the moments between now and that magical moment when it all falls into place.

Survival is the name of the game… life calls for strength, whether its a new puppy, a new job, or a completely new you. Life calls for flexibility, for taking a deep breath and doing our best. In all the stress of change, don’t forget to find a happy place. Without joy, life is blah and who needs that? No one.

As much work as this puppy is, he’s cute and, already, he loves us. Oh my.