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Happy October!

In honor of the month, one of my favorites, I have decided to jump into a little party going on at the Midnight Society blog! #EverydayIsHalloween

Each day has been assigned a word to inspire a pic or short story. So I thought… why not? Right? You only live once and all that. Will I get something on here every day this month?


We’ll see. If I do… great, if I don’t, well, I’ll have fun with what I can get done.

I participated in their top scare flash fiction contest last month. My mailbox story, which you can read here, didn’t win. *sigh* But, hey, getting beat by a sorority-girl-eating monster works for me. And they have set another challenge this month, so I’m letting my brain think up a new flash fiction piece inspired by a pumpkin patch. I can’t resist.




I might need an intervention.


Today the #EverydayIsHalloween word is… words. *giggles* The word is words… *snorts*

Okay, I’m back. So I saw this post yesterday and am going to write something creepy (hopefully) right here off the top of my head. If it sucks, please forgive me.


Whispers attack from the darkness, wrapping around my frazzled mind. Jagged and harsh, the words assault my senses.

Forever speaking. Forever screaming.

Get out! Go away! You don’t belong.

Faceless voices full of power cry from out of the murkiness surrounding me. I huddle in the corners, creeping through cold spots, searching for warmth.

Yet, faith fuels the words that drive me away, pushing me into the void of nothingness that awaits everyone.

In the name of our Lord, get out!

My soul spirals into the blackness of what waits. Lost, because of the words.


Hmm… who knew it would end like that? Not me.

Until tomorrow… maybe. #EverydayIsHalloween

A final note: The fabulous Elise Elmore (author of The Undead Playing for Keeps) has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! I thank her and am figuring out exactly what that means…