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I’m baaaack!

Can’t keep me away from more Midnight Society fun. The inspirational word for the day is… crisp. Rather unassuming, don’t you think? Could lead your thoughts in several different directions, none of which looks dark or creepy.

Shall we see where it takes mine?

Let’s. *turns lights off*


The crisp fall air creeps across the ground. A breeze kicks red, brown, and yellow leaves up into the air. Lines of trees stretch in all directions. I wrap my fingers around a red apple and tug it free of its branch. Laughter of children and stomping of feet echo through the the orchard.

The scents of fall ride the wind. Decaying leaves. Autumn fires. The cold air bites at my nose and cheeks as I fill my basket with sweet fruit. Apple crisp for dessert.

Currents of air grow stronger, tugging at my hair and jacket. The wind howls in my ears, wiping away the sounds of children, chasing away the comforting aroma of fires. A series of notes trip through the air, a haunting melody. My hand falls to my side as I search for the source.

Mere steps away, a man in ragged overalls and a worn wide-brimmed hat appears, flickering into view as if by magic. My heart stutters, my fingers gripping the handle of the basket. His chin rests on his chest, his hands shoved deep in his pockets. The low tune drifts from him as he hums. A song of despair, of loss.

His song grows louder, piercing my mind with overwhelming sadness. I stare at my companion as he fades, becoming transparent. My lip trembles as I step backwards away from what can’t be happening. He lifts his chin, gazing off into the distance. With a growl, he snaps his head around, eyes black as deep pits focus on me. He turns, his body cracking and creaking, his leg bending at an odd angle as he steps forward.

I scream, spin on my heel and race down the row, blocking branches that reach for me. The humming follows, winding through the trees. My heart thunders uncontrollably, and fear grips my mind. I stumble out of the trees, tears blurring my vision.

Brakes screech. A horn blares. Light glints off metal.

Darkness consumes me. But the haunting melody remains.


Well, that was fun. When I read the word crisp, I immediately thought of a fall wind and apples. When I began the tale, I heard the tune on the wind, but had no idea who was humming. I had a bad feeling for the character and I was right.

Onward and upward, October friends. I can’t promise, but will give you hope that I will be back tomorrow. ‘Til then… Mwahahahahaha! #EverydayIsHalloween