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Frightful day, my October friends!

Here I am to try and come up with a story for the Midnight Society’s challenge. Again. I might have lost my mind… oh, no, wait… it’s been gone for some time now. However, do not fret. I like me this way. So the word of the day is…


A creepy story inspired by that word? Easy-peasy you say! Not quite. I must work to avoid the clichés, people. I must search my mind for what is unexpected about monsters, sadly ruling out all the strange creatures lurking under the bed, in the closets, or dark, moldy basements. *sigh* I do love those guys.

First let me entertain you with a photo of two monsters I sculpted out of clay. Meet the terrible Query and his annoying sidekick Synopsis.

Lt to rt... Synopsis, Query

Lt to rt… Synopsis, Query

Terrifying! I know.

But onward and upward. I have been pondering what to write for today all last night and had an idea. And, believe it or not, I know where this one is going. At least I do now… and like life, we shall see.

The Light

I huddle in the dark, the edges of clothes brushing my face like cobwebs. The blackness is better, keeps me safe from the monster. A sliver of light creeps across the dust-covered floor. I cram my back against the corner, pulling my grimy toe from the streak of brightness.

Wanting to hide forever, I wrap my arms around my knees, burying my face into my favorite pink dress. People are afraid of the dark, but they should be afraid of the light.

The groan of the front door makes my belly roll with fear of what will be revealed. Voices whisper through the house.

Cold ignorance of the dark fades. My calm shatters as light slips through the cracks of my mind.

Sighing, I stand and smooth my dress, sticky deep red smears obscuring the delicate flowers. My fingers curl around the ax handle, slippery with blood and sweat. Soon there will be darkness again, safety. For everyone.

The closet door gives no warning as I exit. The sunlight shudders as it falls across my blood-coated foot as I step over one body then another – lifeless, their blank eyes staring into the void of forever. I grip the stained wooden handle, the metal head dragging on the floor behind me. Determination to save them from the monster drives my stride.

Cheerful conversations weave through the air, safe in the sunlight.

But is it truly safe, when nothing can hide?

I raise the ax onto my shoulder.

The light reveals the monster.


Well, that was fun. A bit creepy. A little gross. I’d warn the people in that house, but then the monster would find me, and, with a few more #EverydayIsHalloween posts to do, I can’t really have that happen.

‘Til next time! (Let’s hope I can keep this up.) Don’t be afraid of the dark.