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long Hello! It’s late… I have been out all day and participated in an online video show about writing… #WWW (Whiskey, Wine, and Writing) with the fabulous @ThiryNerdy and @ELWicker … follow them! Whew! I was nervous! Check it out here!

Anyway, all day I worried… when would I get time to celebrate the Midnight Society’s writing challenge? Would I miss a day? *gasp* *panic*

Go read about it and join in the fun… here.

NO! I shall not surrender.

Today’s word is witches. Hmmm… this one has me stumped. I love magic and spells. Please, having my own cauldron and cabinet of potion ingredients would make my life. But a story inspired by witches? I fear I will grab onto the cliche. I fear I have little to say, but I suppose it’s not about the amount of words as the emotions and images they send spiraling into our brains. Right? Soooo… let’s see where the single idea in my brain takes us…

The Coven

I woke and blinked at the star-filled sky. Sitting up, my fingers dug into damp ground. Wild grasses scratched my skin. Moonlight crept across a clearing, leading my gaze to a line of trees. A hooded form stepped out of the shadows. My heart raced as I leapt to my feet, my hands twisting in my long, brown hair. Silence drifted through the air, settling like death on the ground at my feet.

I chewed on my fingernail, the red polish chipping under my teeth. Panic struck my mind. Where was I? How had I gotten there?

A whisper announced the arrival of another figure as if arising from hell. I spun in a circle as one by one more figures appeared, surrounding me. All cloaked. All silent. They stepped forward, their robes rippling like ghosts. Mist stretched out from their bodies like claws.

Holding in a scream, I snapped my head around, my gaze falling on one then another then another. Closer and closer they stalked, flickering in and out of view, speeding up and slowing down as if time held no meaning. A low hiss crawled from their hoods. In a blink, they surrounded me, blocking out the trees and field.

I huddled on the ground, the mist swirling around me, filling my nose and mouth, clouding my vision. My chest hitched as I fought to breathe. Fear and panic gripped my heart.


My thoughts cleared. My body relaxed. The scream lodged in my throat transformed into triumphant laughter.

I embraced my sisters as darkness wove through my soul.


And that would be that. Twenty more to go. *takes a deep breath* I wish you all a fabulous weekend with a bit of creepy thrown in … for fun. *bows*