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Happy Monday, all you lovers of the written word, all you readers of the strange and fabulous!

Anyone else joining in on the pic or story-a-day challenge set by the Midnight Society? Go read about it here and help spread #EverydayIsHalloween fun.

This post is a bit late, but I took myself to see the movie Annabelle today. EEEEEKK! I will admit that I jumped (and possibly swore) more than once.

Focus, me! Anyway…

Today our inspiration is autumn sky, two words that do not scream terror. They don’t really scream at all, more of a pleasant sigh. Well, let’s just see what we can do about that…

Unfinished Business

The pain ended as the suns final rays painted the autumn sky red.

Confusion wraps around my thoughts as I stare at me… my body lying in the dirt, the colors of sunset caught in my eyes’ blank gaze. A dark stain spreads across my shirt, my new white blouse purchased for my new job – one I had been forbidden to have.


No white light shines from above. No angels sing. I hover, lost. My gaze drifts to the sky, where once gray clouds now glow like the fires of hell. A ripple of fear courses through my consciousness. Does forever burning wait? But only silence surrounds me, the ground does not open up and swallow me.

I snap my attention back to me as my body jerks. My husband grumbles about how much weight I have gained as he drags me across the driveway of our home, our shack. A gun sticks out of the back of his ragged jeans.

I’m not the one who deserves the eternal fire.

Heaven nor Hell waits for me, not yet. Hot revenge tears through my mind.

The demons can drag my soul to the Devil’s darkness after my dear husband learns his lesson.


Suddenly that peaceful autumn sky has lost a bit of wonder… O.o

Tomorrow, I have a treat for you! Two posts. I will continue my blogging story adventure, but I also have the privilege, the honor, of revealing the cover to the much anticipated anthology of twisted fairy tales, which will be released on October 31st by Reuts Publishers! Eeeeekk!

Until then, my lovelies! Watch out for ghosts.