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It’s Friday! We’re more than halfway through October. Where has the time gone? Oh, right, to thinking up a story a day. My brain is beginning to spark, sizzle, and wheeze.


Autumn is in full color ’round these parts. The trees are gorgeous! I love it. So pretty. *dances in the bright falling leaves*


But not always. See today’s word is leaves. I could post a pic for this (it IS pic OR story a day challenge), but why? I’m on a roll. I feel the need to twist this beautiful image into something creepy. Thanks to The Midnight Society for the fun list, go see it here.

I am not prepared at all, so let’s see how this goes…


Fall paints the world with the final colors of life. I tug my zipper to my chin and shove my gloved hands into my pockets as I plod along the road. My feet hit the ground in rhythm, my breathing even.

An afternoon walk in the country calms my mind, spinning with thoughts. Deadlines. Contracts. Choices.

Leaves drift through the air, twisting and turning until coming to rest on the ground. A breeze kicks them along the road, their edges scratching in harsh whispers. A roar of skittering leaves rises from behind me.


I stop and glance over my shoulder. Had the leaves just said run? “Hello?”

Silence. Even my red and yellow companions cease their chatter.

I chuckle and return to my stroll and trying to empty my mind of problems. Wind tosses my hair across my cheek. Leaves fly past my feet with a whoosh.


Pausing, I listen. My heart stutters as my breathing picks up speed. I shake my head. “I need more sleep.”

In a chilling gust, leaves swirl like a tornado in front of me. Round and round, they approach me. Confusion jabs my mind as I step back.


My hands ball into fists in my pockets, as fear seizes my mind. “Run?”


The spinning column of leaves rushes towards me, shrieking. Engulfed in the whirlwind, I scream. Throwing my arms up to my face, I sprint back the way I had come. My feet pound on the pavement.

My frantic flight halts when the world falls silent. My arms fall to my sides as I turn. A cool breeze touches my cheeks and plays innocently in the leaves, scooting them like chess pieces across the street. Panic tingles in my chest, as I stare down the road.

In a wail of screeching tires, a truck slides around the corner, spins, and crashes into the tree line.

Where I would have been walking.


Maybe I won’t go for a walk today…