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Halloween is approaching and soon my story-a-day journey will end. And my ProjectREUTSWay journey will begin. And I haven’t started any research on world mythology. Of course, planning isn’t my style as can be witnessed here.

Once again, I am attempting to make up a story on the spot. Today’s masterpiece (or not) will be inspired by the word graveyard.

Oh my! What a word. What a plethora of ideas. So many thoughts, some of which have been done before, so…

Hmmm… graveyard. A starting point has appeared in my head, so we’ll see where it goes.


My tears dot the headstone, the spots shimmering like ghosts in the moonlight. I trail my fingers along the letters carved into the marble.

“I miss you, Mom.”

My shoulders tremble with sobs as I collapse to the ground. The slab of rock, commemorating my mother, sits cold at my back. She’s gone, leaving me with no one.

Shadows coat the graveyard, crawling over the uncaring markers. The purple glow of twilight seeps into the sky. I pull my jacket to my chin as a chill breeze creeps through the place of death, of supposed peace. But only unfinished business, unsaid words, and unexpressed emotions, wander the silence.

“Why did you have to leave?”

I didn’t leave you.

My heart stops. I stand, spinning around. A dark figure hovers in the distance. “Mom?”

Yes. I’m here.

“How can you be here? You’re -”

Dead? I know, but that won’t stop me from being with you, little angel.

My bottom lip quivers.

I couldn’t leave you. We have so much left to do… together. Remember our plans?

Tears of joy fill my eyes and blur the world. “Of course, I do. I can’t live without you.”

Promise me that you’ll stay with me no matter what.

I squint into the dim light, trying to catch any detail of her sparkling green eyes or her comforting smile, but only darkness exists as if light feared to touch her.

Promise me.

Doubt and fear nudge the edge of my senses. “Mommy?”

Yes, my angel. You have to promise yourself to me and we can be together forever.

Memories of her laugh, her warmth, and her love wash over me. I can’t lose her. “I promise. We’ll be together forever.” I reach my arms out ready to embrace her back into my life.

The blackness sweeps forward with a roar, wrapping tendrils of hate through my mind.

I shudder. “Mommy?”

I’m not your mommy.


Never promise your soul to anything in a graveyard.

Until tomorrow, friends of the darkness.