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Since today’s assignment is October poem… I guess we’ll change things up.

I am not a poet. The last poem I wrote was in fourth grade when we studied haikus. I probably wrote some drivel about a rainbow. Bleh!

The Midnight Society held a poetry contest, is holding the deadline to enter is the 26th. After some prodding by those marvelous writers there *cough*AmyGiuffrida*cough* (@kissed by ink), I entered. What is it with me and contests? (I might need an intervention.) A winner will be announced on Halloween, but since a poem is the challenge of the day, I thought I’d post it. If this breaks any rules, I don’t know (but it isn’t going to be pubbed anywhere, soooo) They can disqualify me if they must. *sad face*

Keep in mind, this is the first poem I have written… *holds breath*


In Shadow

In dark corners,

Shadows shift, watching.


Stretching with claw-like fingers.

Forever lurking.

Forever whispering.

Not only blackness, but form.

Not only shadows, but demons.

Nightmares creep in the dark,


Stealing sanity,




There is my October poem… a bit of Halloween terror lurking in the shadows. *shrug*

Until tomorrow, my frightful friends.