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Happy weekend!

Halloween is a mere SIX days away! The house awaits its creepy decorations. I need a pumpkin to carve!

And soon my story-a-day adventure will be over.



Thanks to The Midnight Society and their devotion to making this month super awesome! Go check out all the fun here! Run, go … Now!

The inspiration word for the day is shadows. And my mind leaps with joy. What a fabulous word for everything creepy! However, my mind keeps tugging me back to the episode of Dr. Who and the shadows that basically eat people. I loved that one. *sigh*

Dr. Who shadows

Or memories of Stephen King’s ‘Gerald’s Game’ and the shadow she stares at for hours convinced it moves.

I yank my thoughts away from those, trying to force my imagination to something different, for my own story. Come on, brain… you can do it.

Lights Out

It got my sister first, the thing in the shadows.

The dark swallowed her tear-filled, green eyes last. After five years, Suzanna’s terror-coated scream still rings in my ears.

No one believes me, about the thing lurking in the blackened corners. No one hears the shuffling, the creaking and popping. No one, except me.

I huddle on my bed, wrapping my arms around my knees as I stare into the places the light can’t… or won’t touch.

“There’s nothing here, Constance. Just you. Just me.” Nurse Jenny’s kind eyes sparkle with pity as she completes the routine search of my room.

A harsh chuckle rumbles in my throat. “Right. Nothing.”

The bed squeaks as Jenny settles onto the side of the mattress. “You’re fifteen. You have to get past this. Don’t you want to go home?”

I gaze at the black spot under the chair. Fear swirling through my head as the shadow darkens. “It doesn’t matter where I am.”

Jenny squeezes my arm with her plump fingers. “Constance.” I face her. My heart stops at the worry shining in her gaze. “The doctor discovered our secret. You will be given a new nurse if I don’t follow orders.”

I swallow the panic rising in my throat. “Don’t leave me, Jenny.”

“Then you know what I have to do.”

I nod, tears stroking my cheeks with fear and acceptance.

She lifts her chin in the air, her lips pressed in determination. “You can do this. You are stronger than you think.”

My attention snaps back to the growing darkness under the chair. Its time to strike nears.

“It will get me,” I say. My mind ready to face the end. I’m tired of being afraid.

“No, darling. Its not real.”

“It is. Suz knew, she understood.”

Jenny stands, her hand falling from my arm. Her gaze locks on her feet. “You’ll be okay. I’ll see you in the morning.” She goes to the door, her finger hovering over the light switch. “Lights out.”

A final click seals my fate.

I pull myself into the puddle of moonlight spilling onto my sheets. Shadows gather around my bed. Clicking and popping come from the darkness. A low groan creeps through the room.

Black lines ooze over my bed like reaching fingers.

Maybe I’ll see Suzanna again.


Shadows are tricky things. Have you ever stared at one, certain it had moved, certain something was there?

I have. And I’m still not sure nothing lurks in those dark corners.