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Halloween approaches. I am caught up on writing stuff and will be preparing for ProjectReutsWay, which begins in a week. A week, people! I will be reading the first challenge and forcing my brain to create a story. I did it last year and can do it again!

I fear that I will not do well this year… I fear failure. But I won’t let it stop me. If I can write 20-some stories here for a month I can do a story a week. I have terrific people ready to CP for me, so I can enter my best work. Of course it is world mythology… something I know little about. I should be researching, but I work so well on the fly that I probably won’t. *throws hands in air* Call me crazy.

Anyway, for the reason I’m here. The word of the day is jack o’ lantern. I love carving pumpkins. Evil pumpkins.



I do have an image in my head. Let’s see how this story goes.

Uninvited Guest 

A row of grinning jack o’ lanterns greet me as I exit my car. Their glaring eyes make me shudder.

“Whoa. Kate went all out this year,” I mutter, adjusting the bow tie of my Dr. Who costume. Cold races along my spine as I gaze up and down the road at the never-ending glowing pumpkins.

The evil faces send flickering fingers of light over my shoes as I pass one after another. Their unseeing eyes staring at the invisible things that haunt the night.

“This must have taken her forever.”

My stomach knots in unease, and I glance over my shoulder. The street lies empty, waiting for the other guests to arrive. A chilling breeze crawls across my skin. Leaves skitter over the pavement.

My heart stops. All the pumpkins I passed now gaze at me. “Huh.” I chuckle. “I thought you were all looking…” I wave my finger at the street. “Never mind.”

I pick up my pace, making the turn to the set of stairs leading to Kate’s house, awaiting the annual Halloween bash. The lines of pumpkins continue all the way to the house. My toe hits the final step, and I stumble out of control, finally crashing onto the sidewalk. Pain shoots up my arms as my hands take the force of the fall. My fez tumbles from my head and rolls along the sidewalk. My knees throb. Candlelight creeps across my hands. I turn and gaze into a jack o’ lantern’s screaming mouth. Sharp teeth ring the edges.

Movement catches my attention. I look up. One by one, the carved faces turn towards me. Evil eyes. Toothy grins.

My breath hitches in my chest. Panic and fear twist through my mind. “What the…”

A door slams. I snap my gaze to the front of the house. Bare feet slap against the concrete from under a frilly hoop skirt.

“Oh, shit, Donnie, get up and get inside!”

Hands yank me to standing. “Kate?”

Fear fills her brown eyes, as she screams at me to run, to get inside.

We trip up the stairs to the porch.

“How did you get -”

She shoves me through the door, blonde curls bouncing at her jaw. Slamming the door closed, she turns, gazing through the door’s frosted glass window.

“Kate? How did you get the jack o’ lanterns to turn?”

She spins to face me, her hands pressing on my shoulders. “I didn’t carve any pumpkins this year.”

My heart sinks. I swallow. “Then how -”

Footsteps creak across the porch. A shadow creeps over the window, obscuring the light until darkness remains. Through the glass, two flickering lights appear.





I think I’ll just carve one.

Have a great end of the weekend, friends. May Monday be kind to you.