Titles. Are. Very. Important.

A good title makes all the difference, but pulling a great one out of your brain can be seriously difficult. Seriously. Sometimes writers get lucky and the manuscript tells us its title. Mostly we say, “So I’m going to read this chapter of my manuscript that I’m calling *insert blah name here* for now, but I need a better title.”

That’s what we say.

The fabulous Rena Olsen invited me to join the terrible title blog hop. Since Rena is my Queen, I shall participate. If you don’t know her, well, do it, she’s very talented and a great friend. And referred to me as an angel with a dark and twisted soul… which makes me love her more.

So, the point of this blog is to scroll through my manuscript of choice and stop in random places, creating titles from whatever words I find.

Let’s step into my book DOORS…

1. Live in a Cage

2. Surviving wasn’t Enough

3. Eee-cree

4. Cal’s Mountainous Form

5. I Don’t Care

6. An Interesting Story

7. I Want to be a Hero

8. Desperate Sadness

Gee. Now I’ll definitely go back and retitle it I Don’t Care, I mean really that grabs the essence of the story.

Or Cal’s Mountainous Form? Oh good heavens. I am ashamed.

Eee-Cree makes me giggle because the character, a four-armed fur-ball, is special to me. I love him.

I’m supposed to tag people, but I don’t know who. So sue me. IF you read this and think… HOW FUN! Do it!



Anyway, I’m off to school to see my daughter read a poem she wrote for the Veterans Day celebration. It’s a darn good poem, kids. I was shocked. Especially, since she told me that she scribbled it down cause she HAD to. And now the poor girl has been chosen to read it aloud … in front of people!