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y head is spinning. I am tired and slightly off focus. There are so many things to do.

So WARNING! This blog might implode, explode, or ramble down strange and mysterious paths. I just don’t know! And I don’t care.


First… I have been participating in the short story competition ProjectREUTSway this month and have completed three out of the four challenges. I took a boat ride through the Egyptian underworld to bring light to a people lost in darkness.


In week two, The Morrigan of Celtic lore offered a group of boys a chance to live rather than die in a fight.


Last week, young Yori lost his mom, dad, and little brother to the evil Japanese demons known as Oni (which will someday become a NA horror manuscript).



This week, I am bringing the Russian rusalka, a female ghost, into a world I get to create, writing a new myth.


Last night, writing was a struggle. I revising as I went, a big no-no if when there are hopes of completing a first draft. But every sentence needed something. Each word choice felt wrong. This is a case of perfectionism. I have suffered from this disease forever, but lately have been able to set it aside, until last night. Anyway, I have about 700 words of a story that must be at least 2000 words. Not bad. I have to get this draft done today in order to keep what remains of my sanity. Usually, the story is due by Thursday night, but, because of the holiday, we get until Sunday!


On Wednesday we are traveling to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving! Oh, the family fun. The chaos of all the cousins! Very little writing will be occurring. Hence the I HAVE TO GET A FIRST DRAFT DONE TODAY. Let’s hope I’m not sitting here staring at words at 1am.

Totally stole this from someone off Twitter last night, cause... HA!

Totally stole this from someone off Twitter last night, cause… HA!

Fairy dust and wishes will be accepted all day.

You know what? I love it. I am so grateful to have this craziness be my life. I chose it, right? I am glad to have a chance to write these stories, even if they end up horrible.

I am SUPER EXCITED to see my family at Thanksgiving! I love us, we’re awesome. A little weird, but fabulous. We’ll chat all weekend about EVERYTHING. It’s just what I need to recharge and get myself ready for what’s next. Fingers crossed for great things.

There will be GREAT THINGS, PEOPLE! Believing is the magic.

As I go back to my words, I shall let go. Release all the over thinking devils and write. I won’t stress over the three pies I need to make, the laundry that must get done, and the packing. I won’t let puppy training push me past the edge of reason.


Life is a gift. I am thankful for every little moment.