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I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I spent time with my crazy and wonderful family at my sister’s house! There was food, crafts, movies, and a lot of laughing.

And now, I am home and IT’S DECEMBER!!!!!!! I love this month. Christmas and my birthday? What’s not to love? So now we enter the season of giving, of lights and merriment… My favorite time of year.

As a kid, we had a countdown to Christmas tradition. Each year we would tie peppermint nougats to a fabric banner from 1 to 25 with a bell hanging at the end. Each morning, we would untie one and eat it! There was a cute poem that went with it. Let’s see if I can remember it.

December first to Christmas is the longest time of year,

Seems that that old Santa Claus never will appear.

How many days ’til Christmas? It’s mighty hard to count,

so this little candy ribbon will tell you the exact amount.

Untie a candy every night when the Sandman casts his spell,

and Christmas will be here by the time you reach the bell.

We loved it! I still have it, though the pieces of yarn have knots in them and the felt has a few holes.

So when my kids were little, I wanted a way for them to countdown those endless days before Christmas. I went to my mom with a picture of a fabric tree, with pockets to hold tiny ornaments and buttons to hang them on.

So ten years ago she made this…


And found ornaments! And I add candy… BECAUSE!


Each morning the kids hang an ornament, and, when Christmas arrives, the tree is decorated. And we love it!

When they were two and three, I had to help them remember and get the wires over the buttons, but soon I was no longer needed. Now it is a part of Christmas. I hung today. Even at 12 and 13 years old now, they’ll be happy when they get home and see it, a bit of fun made with love by Grandma Betty.

Of course, I have more decorating to do! Three Christmas trees (two artificial and one real that we will cut down), outside lights, my Santa’s village, statues, and garland. Soon my house will be glowing. I lugged the boxes up from the basement…


The big artificial tree is still down there, but … IT’S HEAVY! And the kids’ boxes are up in their rooms waiting.

You might ask… “So much, Kathy? Really?”


Wait… doesn’t everyone do this? No?


I’ll post pics when I finish, but it usually takes me about a week.

Let the Christmas season BEGIN!

*runs about flailing*