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Yes, I usually post on Mondays.

But Monday went all kerbobbled and threw me in a choke hold. How?

Well, on Sunday I was happily lighting my living room tree when… duh duh, duuuunnnn, I ran out of lights. Of course. Happens every year.

So Monday, I got my kids to school, then plopped myself on the couch with a desire to watch Christmas movies. But, how can one watch movies full of holiday cheer when the tree stands unfinished? One cannot.

“I’ll blog later,” I think.

“I’ll get the workout in later,” I tell myself.

“Right now, I’ll go get lights to finish the prelim decorating so when the kids get home all the ornaments can go on!” I say. “Besides, I haven’t really started Christmas shopping, perhaps I can get a few things. And the wreath outside needs new lights anyway.”

Store number one… did not have the lights I wanted. O.o  But I did find a couple of presents for my daughter. Win!

Second store… Check for food for writer’s group Christmas party. Check off a few more presents … AND LIGHTS! BAM!

Triumphant, I return home. Where the puppy whines at me to play, so I throw the Frisbee a few times, then go inside to tackle the tree.

Wrong lights. See in the land of LED lights there is white, pure white with a blue tint, and there is white, with a warm glow. My tree has warm white, these were not.

“Really?” I cry with a defeated slump in my shoulders.

Back to store number two. I return the lights and head to store number three… LIGHTS!

I drive all the way home… throw the Frisbee for the puppy… and pull the strand out of the box, plug it in… they blink.

“What?” I stare at the box, which has the word “twinkling” printed clearly across the top. I cried.

Really? Kathy? Cried? They’re lights. Christmas is about more than silly lights.

Of course, it is. It’s about that unicorn I’ve been asking Santa for since I was six.

Well, yes and no. Decorating for Christmas is a big deal for me. I have three trees, outside lights, my Santa’s village, statues, garland, and ribbon.


Because it is the season of light. The cheery glow from my house fills me with joy. I am lighting the way for the spirit of Christmas. For peace. For love. For acceptance. For all the Earth to celebrate each other and what we can do to make the world better.

So I went back to store three and exchanged the twinkling lights for non-twinkling lights. At home, I played with the puppy, who by then was desperate for attention, and took my victory inside. The clock had reached 3pm. The kids would be home at 4. And to top it all off, the wreath I thought would be a snap to relight, wasn’t. I bought a pre-lit wreath, why? Did you know they clamp the lights onto the branches? What a pain in my rear.

But I got the tree lit, the ribbon on it, and the angel placed on top before the kids came home. I did get the wreath lit, it looks great.

The kids and I hung our treasured ornaments, filling the tree with memories. Suddenly, it was 5 pm… we had to leave at 6 for my kids’ religious education class.

Dinner? What’s that?

A shower! I needed a shower.

We returned for the evening around 8. I was dead.

But the tree is gorgeous. Wanna see what I have been up to last week? Or at least some of it. The decorations are finished!

The kitchen tree (8′ artificial), holding all my fairies, unicorns, and purple.



Santa’s village.


The family room tree (10′ artificial) covered with all things Star Trek, Star Wars, and my TARDIS. Next to my new fireplace!





The living room tree (9′ REAL tree, baby!) filled with memories.


However you celebrate, CELEBRATE! One light or a bajillion lights, it’s all good. Between all the decorating and shopping, be sure to light you heart for that’s where Christmas can be found.