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My shopping is done. The spirit of Christmas glows bright. Besides the small trip to the in-laws over this weekend, I will be home for Christmas. No family will be arriving. But no worries. A quiet Christmas here with just the hubs and kids is all I need. As a kid, it was always Mom, Dad, my two sisters, and me. We lived too far from family to go to Grandma’s or to have a house full of relatives, and I treasure those memories of Christmases at home just the five of us.

Come Christmas Eve (my favorite day of the entire year!), I’ll sit in the glimmer of Christmas lights and wrap presents while watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Hopefully the puppy won’t eat all the wrapping paper.

There’s still a long list of Christmas movies to watch.

There’s a turkey in the freezer.

One more school day this year.

Enjoy the moments leading up to the most joyful day of the year. Hold a little peace in your heart and share a smile with the world. Remember what it was to be a kid lying under the Christmas tree, gazing up into the branches filled with light.


Believe in the magic of Christmas. As always, it’ll be here in the blink of an eye, then it will be over.