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My regularly scheduled blogs have been interrupted by… Christmas time. Tis the season.

Time for shopping, decorating, and fabulous holiday traditions. The kids are home from school. So many Christmas movies have caused tears and smiles and many wait to be watched.

But I wanted to stop by and say…


It’s Christmas Eve. My favorite day of the entire year. Some people might be confused by this… Christmas Eve, Kathy? Your favorite? Really? What about Christmas Day?

Yes, well… Christmas Eve has always held a special place in my heart. When the sun goes down, the magic shines. The lights on the trees glow brightest on this night as we light the way for the spirit of Christmas. Presents wait to be opened, holding possibilities and promises. Santa Claus is on his way, the reindeer skimming through the stars. All the magic swirls through the air, sending hearts pounding with hope, with peace, with love.

Tonight, the kids and I will watch The Polar Express… the bell still rings for all who truly believe. We’ll hang stockings (on a mantle by our new fireplace!). After the kids go to bed, I can’t wait to sit in front of my beautiful Christmas tree and wrap presents and stuff stockings while watching It’s a Wonderful Life.


wonderful life


If only there were snow… that would be perfection. But sadly not this year. *sigh*

And tomorrow will come. I’ll drag the kids to church, we’ll open presents, and eat yummy food. Christmas will be full of family fun.

Whatever your traditions, wherever you may be, I wish you all a Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays! With all the rushing and planning, take a moment to take in the peace and hope that is Christmas.