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I’m caught. Trapped.

And that’s okay.

The week between Christmas and New Years is odd. Weird. I float through the week as if in limbo. The kids are on vacation. I am still reveling in the whole Christmas-was-awesome feels. There are still a couple *cough*several*cough* Christmas movies DVRed that I must watch. Hi, my name is Kathy, and I am addicted to the Hallmark and Lifetime channels during Christmas.

And it’s someone’s birthday on the 31st, so…


I love this time of year. 2014 wraps itself up in fabulous memories. 2015 peers over the horizon, offering serious awesomeness. Serious. Just wait.

Anywho… this week won’t be filled with major productivity. I will read. Perhaps finish my Christmas movies. See The Hobbit… cause my birthday demands will be met. I’ll hang with my kids, maybe play some video games.

And I will begin to plot my return to writing. Work on a few short stories. Planning the emotional journey of Bryn in the second Doors book. And working on a new project to post on Wattpad (possibly with more of my drawings). All the while waiting patiently for the end of January for the results of the ProjectREUTSway contest I entered last November. Or mostly patiently, which means constantly stalking Twitter to see if any of the judges are tweeting lines from my stories.


Does this Twilight Zone of limbo bother me? Nope. I am quite content here. Quite. I worked pretty hard last year. Breaks are allowed.



Anyone else joining me in the fabulous in-between or is everyone frantically working? If so, GO, GO, GO! You rock! Soon I will join you.