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First, I have to admit that on New Years Eve, I cry. Every year.

Why? I don’t know. Possibly I am a stage five clinger. I have trouble letting go. In writing that means I revise forever, it’s never finished, never right. In life, I tend to not want things to end. I tuck myself in my memories, reliving the glorious past over and over in my mind.

Cause there is so much fabulousness there! It was a great year. It’s been a WONDERFUL life.

I dread that soon I will be packing away all my Christmas treasures. My ornaments, holding so many memories, will be tucked in boxes and shoved in the basement. *clings to tree*

The Christmas glow in my house will go dark. *cries*

But not to worry, I don’t need an intervention. The future calls me from my need to hold onto the past. So much waits.

Soon I will be helping to coach my daughter’s volleyball team. EEEEEKKKK!

Hopefully there will be snow for sledding and snowmen. I do love snow.

I will find all the words I love and create new stories.

Before I know it, I’ll be happily sitting at baseball games, cheering for my kids.

As much as I love the now and looking back at 2014 with all its fabulous moments, I am ready for what’s next. Bring it on, 2015! I know this year will be spectacular. 2015 and I shall be the best of friends.

Onward! To life!

Everyone draw your swords and say yes to you as you stride towards that bright spot on the horizon. Everything is possible.

So gather all your happy memories and accomplishments and step into the new year ready for anything. Leave the rest behind, it won’t be needed. Because what waits in 2015 is greatness, is happiness, is a whole bunch of awesome wrapped in a shining bow.