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Happy Thursday, everyone!

I’d like to spread a bit of light, happiness, crazy joy. I want to be your sunshine.


Bad things happen in the world. Always have. Always will. Why? Because the world is full of Humans. We are flawed. We are affected by everything, like the way we are treated or the simple fact that is it raining for the millionth day in a row.

Even I get swept away in bad moods. I let stress get the better of me. Funny, but at those times, I go on Twitter or FB and post happy pics, strange thoughts, or random bits of weird. I climb aboard the crazy train with my kids and laugh.

Don’t let the dark consume you. Become the light.

No longer look at what you don’t have, but embrace what you do. Instead of dreaming of being the person you think you should be, love the person you are.

If you find it difficult to find the light, come find me. I’ll be your sunshine, if, on occasion, you’ll be mine.


Bit by bit, we can make the world a brighter place.

So as I sit anxiously waiting to hear news on this, that, and everything else, and try to get my world back on track… let’s share a laugh. I hear it’s the best medicine.

Speaking of sunshine… if you have a sec, go visit my friend and fabulous CP Elsie Elmore’s blog … she just got back from a fabulous adventure and is positively glowing with joy! Made me smile today!