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I am exhausted… from smiling. From screaming in glee. From experiencing dreams coming true.


I am celebrating.

I shall never come down off my cloud. And if this is a dream, a vision, a bit of undigested beef… DON’T WAKE ME!

I do have doubts as to whether this is real life, doubts if what happened actually happened. However the evidence exists.



I have signed with REUTS PUBLISHING to publish my YA fantasy DOORS! Read all about it here! What a great write-up… if I think about it too long… *sniff*

All the congratulations from FB and Twitter still shine in my heart. What a fabulous day. I’ll only ever get that experience once, the day it is announced that my debut book will be published. Wow. Just wow. I soaked in all the emotion. I laughed. I cried. I screamed sporadically during the day, scaring my family. So many times have I congratulated people for signing with an agent or publisher, for their triumphs. It was seriously surreal to be on the other side of that table.

SO THANK YOU! To everyone for being a part of such a great day. I still can’t believe it. However, when the list of edits arrives in my inbox… I’ll sing a different tune. But I’m ready. This is all happening at the exact time it should. The Universe knows what it is doing, even though waiting for it proved difficult. I did work pretty darn hard.

Anyway… today, the announcement of the short story competition ProjectREUTSway winners and runner ups were announced. Out of four stories, I have one winner, which will be published in an upcoming anthology, and three runner ups, which will be posted on Reuts blog! Not too shabby. You can go see all the winners here.

That is no easy competition! So YEA FOR ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!


There is one other piece of awesome news, an opportunity I couldn’t pass up and am SO excited to be a part of, but I will wait to announce that, things must be done. I know, that’s mean.

I had doubts, serious doubts, that I would ever get here. But I kept working, kept putting myself out there, and through it all BELIEVED!

To my writers’ group The Summit City Scribes of Fort Wayne… THANK YOU for listening to all my words and giving all the comments, giving such great support. Judy, I might not have found REUTS Publishers if you hadn’t pointed me in their direction.

My dear, Elsie Elmore, who has been a fabulous CP. What a wonderful person to have on my side! Thank you!

To my newest critique partners, I look forward to Sundays because of you! Natasha! Emma! Diana! You guys rock!


You know I couldn’t resist adding that pic, my walruses!

I don’t even have words for Rena, Sarah, Jamie and Heather! I love you guys.


And to my new Reuts family! Kisa, Ashley, Summer, Melody, and Cary. I’m sure I’m forgetting people! Ah! I am truly honored and blessed to be part of such a marvelous team. I can’t wait to get to work!



And this is just the beginning.