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The lovely Jenna DeVillier has tagged me in this blog hop, and, sounds like fun. I like sharing odd facts about myself.

8d23d-rules2bfor2bliebster2baward Jenna’s questions…

1) What was your first novel?

The first novel I read? That was a long time ago, but something I’ll always remember is the first book my dad handed to me. With a grin, he said, “You might like this.” It was The Talisman, by Stephen King and Peter Straub. That hooked me on horror.

The first novel I wrote. Well, that sits comfortably in the innards of my computer. It’s titled The Darkness of Magic and follows Ella as she learns she has magic and faces what happens when you let your fear of being evil become a reality.

2) What is your favorite book of 2014?

Oh dear. I didn’t read nearly enough books last year. But my favorite was Revival by Stephen King.

3) Spring, summer, fall or winter?

I live in NE Indiana, so get the full blown glory of each season. I love the newness of spring, the way the world wakes up after a long nap. I love the summer days at the pool and all my flowers. I love the way fall paints the world with color. But overall I love winter best. The silent snow falling, washing away the noise. I love Christmas and sledding. I love cuddling under a comfy blanket.

4) If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go?

My dream is to travel to the Isle of Skye in Scotland… the header pic at the top of my blog? Yeah, there.

5) What is your favorite food?

Pizza. That is all. However, if chocolate suddenly vanished I would die.

7) What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Teaching myself how to write. Yup. I had no idea what I was doing when I set out on this journey. And now I have several manuscripts in various draft stages. I have stories that have been published. And I have signed with Reuts Publishing to pub my debut novel. Yea me!

8) Sum up your current WIP in one word (or sentence, to be less cruel)

My current WIP is in planning and plotting (though I don’t do much of that) stages… but… DISCOVERY.

9) If you could save one book from your bookshelf in the zombie apocalypse, what would it be?

AH! *paces nervously* I DON’T KNOW! The Shining? The Deathly Hallows? OMG! The Book Thief? There are too many. I’m going to move on before I hurt myself.

10) What was your favorite class in school?

Art. ART!!!!!

11) Do you have a secret skill?

I can draw. However, that secret isn’t so secret anymore.

I’m finished! Do I win something?

funny-gif-Sherlock-waiting-foreverNo? Oh.

Moving on… random facts about myself… hmmm…

1. I am obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. I own all the TV shows on DVD. I own all the books, not just the Laura years, but Margaret, Charlotte, Caroline, Laura, and the Rose years. My sister and I took a trip to Mansfield, Missouri to see the actual house where Laura lived with her husband Almanzo. THAT WAS FABULOUS! WE SAW PA’S FIDDLE!!!! My brother-in-law brought me presents from Smet, South Dakota, where the Ingalls lived for years, because he knew I would love them.

2. I played the violin for nine years. I love classical music. Sadly, the poor instrument has been forgotten under my bed, but I think I could still play.

3. I took Tae Kwon Do for six years. I had a mean tornado round house kick. It’s been awhile, so I do fear injury if I attempted it now.

4. My proudest moment was walking 60 miles in three days with my sisters to raise money for the Susan G. Koman organization. The best weekend ever.

5. If I am in a room with a group of adults on one side and a group of kids on the other… I will go talk with the kids.

6. I am married to a police officer, yet have never fired a gun and have no desire to do so.

7. I love color. Every room in my house is painted a different color… blue, green, purple, brown, gold, red… it makes me happy.

8. I believe in the paranormal. Ghosts, faeries, demons… all exist on the other side of the veil. And some people have the ability to see them. Sadly, not me. But my wish is to have a paranormal experience.

9. I love to volunteer. I helped for years with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. School field trip needs a chaperone? ME! ME! PICK ME! (and my kids ask me to volunteer and seem to like it when I go) I have been a Big Sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters since 1997. I am assistant coaching my daughter’s volleyball team right now (well not as in this moment, but you get the drift). When people are looking for CPs (critique partners) I love saying YES! But I have to stop, because so many CPs.

10. I am a perfectionist. Over the years I have learned to shove it down in the darkness of my mind, but it’s still there. As a kid, if I wasn’t completely sure I’d be able to do something perfectly… I would NOT try. This also ties into my fear of failure. Eeesh.

11. I have a sonic screwdriver, and I am not afraid to use it.


Now, I am supposed to tag people, but I hate rules. So if you read this and it sounds like a good time (maybe you have no idea what to blog about and need something) join in the fun… drink the Kool-Aid… take the blue pill. Heck, I’ll even give you a few questions to answer. Or just make up your own… that whole rules schmules thing.

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

2. What is the last book you read? Did you like it?

3. What’s you favorite TV show?

4. What’s your favorite holiday?

5. If you could live in any time, (past, present, or future) when would that be?

6. I sit the Sorting Hat on your head… What house would you be sorted into? Or if you don’t speak Potterese… What faction in Divergent would you choose?

7. Puzzles or video games?

8. Party or quiet night at home?

9. Do you believe in fairies?

10. What is your favorite childhood memory?

11. Coffee, tea, or wine? Or none of the above?

Thank you Jenna! That was fun!


Until next time, dear readers. Celebrate you and all your wonderfulness.