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I began blogging one year ago.


Wow. It’s been a year already?

And. What. A. Year.

When I posted that first blog on February 10th, 2014, I had no idea what I was doing. And in all honesty, I still don’t. But my blog became an outlet for me, for all my feelings, thoughts, ideas. Kinda like therapy. Just pour my heart out on a public site, perfectly normal.

I struggled last year. Self-doubt plagued me as I stood at the edge of a cliff, knowing something was coming, but what? I could feel my life beginning to travel a new path. Weird, but that’s what it seemed like. And then things started to happen. My words were getting out. On blogs. In a book. People asked me to read their words. I was invited to join a Skype critique group.

I had two offers to publish my manuscript. And signed with Reuts Publishing.


I learned so much last year. About the world of writing and publishing, about myself. I turned 42 in December and living in the land of forty-something is freeing. I care less about what people think, I care less about what I can’t do perfectly, and I care more about trying, taking chances, being present and living life.

Over the next year, I’ll write more, some good, some bad. I can’t wait to make all my relationships stronger and meet new people. I will hopefully do a lot more CPing, because I love it. In a year, I’ll be preparing for the release of my debut book. And whoa, the rush of feelings that attacked as I wrote that…


For someone who feels pretty darn happy alone, I have to say that the people in my life have made all the difference (and, yes, most of them live in my computer… I am not ashamed). My family, Mom and Dad, my sisters, my husband, and kids, who love me just the way I am… My dear Twitter friends, who are always there to share a smile or just be crazy… my writers’ group, who push me to be my best. I couldn’t have made it through last year without all of you.


So go forth into this big, wide world and spread the joy of you. I’m certainly going to continue to annoy everyone with my form of weird!