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I have been tagged!  Woohoo! Everyone is screaming with joy! I did this once before, you can read it here.

But when the wonderfully spooky Kira Butler challenged The Midnight Society crew…

… and since I will be joining them in the land of everything scary…

YES! They asked ME to join them! Me! I know!


I thought… why not do it again? I love these awesome, horror-loving gals! Go read Kira’s post, because why pass up the fabulousness?


Since I did this once, I will skip some of the pleasantries and go right for the meat. BRAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNSSSSS!

Excuse me.

Kira has posed 11 questions, which I will now attempt to answer in a semi-intelligent and somewhat strange way. Well, we are talking about me.


1.What is your favourite thing about writing horror?

Horror allows us to peer into the darkness and face our fears. It allows us to explore everything that makes our hearts race and minds spin. Horror lets us glimpse what might be lurking in the shadows, what waits for us beyond the veil of what we see. That noise you heard in the other room? Yeah, that… what MIGHT it be?


2.Tell us about your writing process.

I live with my characters and idea for a while (like months), writing down everything they tell me, getting to know them. I draw pictures and maps, filling notebooks with a jumbled mess of everything. Scenes flash into my mind and I write those down. I’ve tried outlines and they just don’t work for me, but I do like having a calendar so I do tend to know what happens when. Mostly. The characters have been known to go their own way, which is allowed. Finally, I can’t help but type ‘chapter one’ (and a witty title, because chapters need titles) and write it from beginning to end.

3.Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere. I wrote a ms because of a tree. I wrote a short story because of a strange building. Last October, I wrote 22 flash fiction pieces because of a word. TV and movies will spark weird thoughts in my head. A name will inspire a character, then I wait for them to tell me their story.

4.Do you ever scare yourself? How do you break past the wall and dig deeper?

I scare myself all the time. That thudding on the stairs? That’s me running up them to escape the dark first floor.

In my current short story, which I am getting ready to sub, my mc revealed that he killed someone… he had so much rage after being abused that he killed the guy. I’m no killer. So facing that type of anger throws me off kilter. But his story needed to be told, I tapped into his wrath, revealing what he had done, letting the emotions drive the story. The monsters living within each of us scares me, but needs to be explored and understood.

5.What’s your biggest fear?

The unknown. What happens after we die? Though I believe in ghosts… I believe there is something after this life, the fact is no one really knows.

6.If you could summarize your writing style, how would you describe it? Paint us a picture.

Words link together, creating a tangled web of detail and emotion. The scene sets the mood in each starry twinkle or shadowed corner. Tension builds with every creak. Fragmented thoughts leave wonder, fear.

7.What’s your recent most favourite sentence from a book?

“There came a time when you realized that moving on was pointless. That you took yourself with you wherever you went.” – Stephen King in Doctor Sleep

BUT THERE ARE SO MANY MORE… and more I probably never wrote down. *cries*

8.What was the first horror novel you read and loved?

When I was 16, my dad handed me The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub. One night, I was reading in my room, upstairs, the rest of the family was downstairs. Jacky and Wolf were riding a train through a wasteland and harsh whispers came from the dark around them. Creeped the crap out, I lifted my eyes from the book. My door lead out to a dark hall. The lamp by my chair was the only light. I ran to the hall, flipped on the light and continued downstairs, where my family held normal conversations about everyday things. All was well, except for me. I remember feeling as if I had been put back in my life, but changed. That’s when I became a true fan of horror. I finished that book and went after more.

9.Describe your writing ritual.

Ritual? First I sacrifice most of my time to the life of stay-at-home mom. Chores. Laundry, cleaning, taking care of whatever… only when I have those mundane tasks complete can I sit, which usually means after dinner. I have my glass of water, sometimes gum. My dragon and my squishy monster Grunt sit next to me. A stack of notebooks, filled with scribbles fill the cushion to my left. I can have music without words. No TV, or I am too distracted. However, resisting the call of Twitter is difficult. I am weak.

10.If you could hang out with your favourite character for an evening, who would it be and what would you do?

Ummm… well, I would love to go hang out with Danny Torrence and go to the Overlook Hotel. However, the whole hotel exploding thing kills that dream… not to mention the fact that the, if the building was still intact, it would probably murder me. Hedge animals… *shudder*

hedge animals

So… I would love to hang out at Hogwarts with Harry. *grabs my magic wand*


11.What’s your big dream as an author?

One day, I want to walk by someone, look down, and realize they are reading MY book. As long as there is enjoyment on their faces… Life made. That’s not very big. Oh well, I love the little things.


Onto MORE fun random facts about me! Oh my… and since I am now known on Twitter for my gifs, let’s use those.











11.tumblr_ll9rypXtFk1qclvq3Yes, within all my happiness lurks darkness. That surprises people.

Thank you for joining me for this fun! Go check out The Midnight Society and all the great people who share their love of the weird and just plain terrifying.



T. A. Brock





Have a great day… and don’t worry about that noise. It’s nothing.