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I know. Monday is fast coming to an end and WHERE HAVE I BEEN? you might ask. Well, out truck shopping. Woo… hoo. Hubs is happy anyway. My job here is done.

Anyway, I want to tell everyone all the things.

First… you will be able to find me over at The Midnight Society! I have been asked to join them and SAID YES, because I LOVE THOSE HORROR-LOVING GALS! You can find me here, yes in the obituary section with all the other fabulous members. I will post the first and third Fridays each month, spreading my love of all things creeptastic. Join us!


Second… the wonderful Julie Hutchings has begun her March Madness flash fiction showcase on her blog deadlyeverafter. Of course, I submitted. I can’t resist the challenge to write something creepy. You can read it here! Be sure to check out the others and stay tuned for more through this month. So fun!


Third… I have decided to be a slushie for the upcoming pitch contest #nestpitch. So lots of reading and a bit of critiquing. I love it!

Despicable mecandy-gif

So in-between all this, I will continue to figure out my next writing adventure, the sequel to Doors. I will do other CPing, because I have peeps and we NEED each other. I have one more short to sub… oh, wait, I learned of another place looking for shorts (AND I CAN’T SEEM TO RESIST THE CHALLENGE)… so two more?


Somewhere in this mess that I have created, I will get notes from my editor and begin the process of making DOORS the bestest. OH MY GOODNESS! THIS IS REAL!

Of course, there are my fabulous kids! Tis baseball, softball, and track season.


I am really excited about being involved in such a great community, putting myself out there, helping writers, and sharing things I love. We are all awesome and together we will rule the world. Everyone out there is capable of amazingness.


At some point, you might find me babbling in a dark corner.

If you do, throw chocolate and run.

Seriously. Chocolate. A lot of chocolate.