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Another movie from my childhood. One I watched A LOT! One I haven’t seen in a long time because I own it on VHS tape and we no longer have a working VCR.

I shall have to fix this soon. Moving on!



Krull directed by Peter Yates and released by Columbia Pictures in 1983.

A girl of ancient name shall become queen and choose a king. Together they will rule their world, and their son shall rule the galaxy.

A prophecy. A hero. A fabled weapon. A powerful evil. A great love. And of course rescuing the princess.

Seriously, Kathy? Well… yup.

We meet Prince Colwyn and Princess Lyssa on their wedding day. They will unite to bring together the kingdoms of the world of Krull and form a stronger force to defeat The Beast, who has invaded with his army of Slayers.


The fun begins when the wedding is interrupted by the Slayers, who devastate the castle, kill the Kings, and kidnap the princess.


Corwyn survives, saved by the Old One Ynyr. Poor Princey… there is crying. My home! My father! AND LYYYYYSSSSAAAAA!


Until Ynyr tells him to suck it up. They can save Lyssa and defeat The Beast.


There is a weapon. The Glaive.

Krull 2

Up the mountain he goes in his spandex pants… ew… to find this weapon.


In a cave, he sees a shape. He thrusts his hand into molten lava (which doesn’t hurt HIM because *cough*chosen one *cough*!) and pulls out a black five pointed star.


The blackened crust falls away revealing a shiny star and with a flick of the wrist… or a thought… or something, who knows…



The Glaive.

Triumphant he skips down the rocky slopes, returning to Ynyr, who gives him the bad news.

The Beast’s lair the Black Fortress isn’t easy to find for each day at sunrise it transports itself to a different location.


Perhaps Ynyr knows who can help them.

Let the journey begin! Along the way they meet Ergo “the Magnificent” an inept magician, who just wants a gooseberry pie.


But ends up turning himself into a goose…


Sensing that maybe they could use his powers, and because he has nowhere else to go, Ergo joins them. They also meet a band of fugitives.


Colwyn asks for their help to defeat The Beast. Why would they help him? Because he can grant them freedom, a pardon. But only the King can do that!

“I am the King,” Corwyn says. So they decide to accompany him on his quest.

They travel to the blind Emerald Seer. His aide, a boy named Titch, ushers Colwyn and Ynyr to see the Seer and ask him to discover where the Fortress will appear next, but The Beast is powerful. As the blind Seer’s emerald spins, a clawed hand crushes the stone.


But don’t give up hope! They can go to the swamp where the Seer’s power will be stronger than The Beast’s. But the Slayers attack (seriously, people, I love these guys, they’re so cool!).



Losing a couple of their number to the attack and the swamp, the group drives the Slayers back, then stop for a rest. The Beast takes another’s form and tries to tempt Colwyn to give up the quest, and, when that fails, kills the Seer, takes his form and attempts to kill the Prince.


But before The Beast can complete his task, the form he possesses is struck and killed by a Cyclops Rell, who has been following our band of misfits. And without the Seer poor Titch has no one, so they take him too.


But with no Seer how will they find out where the Fortress will be?

Ynyr has a plan and sneaks off to visit the Widow of the Web. A woman with the power to see kept locked away in a giant web for her crime of killing her child (her and Ynyr’s child).

Krull Spider

She helps them, because her name is Lyssa the same as the princess imprisoned by The Beast. She looks into the future and tells him where the Fortress will appear.


But Ynyr will never be able to leave and give the Prince the information. The spiders who guard the web will kill him. So the Widow gives him the sands of her hourglass, the sand of her life, so he can escape the web. Leaving her to die.



Speaking of Lyssa, she’s not having much fun. Inside The Fortress is crazy. One of my favorite things was the weirdness she encounters as running through the halls, or whatever they are.




The Beast asks her to stay with him, but she holds onto her love for Corwyn. He will save her.

Back to our troop. Because now they know where the Fortress will appear. But it’s really far away. They’ll never make it.


Yes, they will.

Rell suggests they capture the Fire Mares, horses that can run at great speeds. I love these animals! They run so fast that fire blazes under their feet and they don’t need ground when they run on flames! They can travel leagues in a day. Getting a rope around these fabulous creatures’ necks proves interesting, a bit of comic relief, but they succeed.



And make it to the Black Fortress. Where our group gets smaller again when Slayers fire at them as they scramble to climb inside the Fortress before it moves again. Rell gives his life to hold the door open just long enough before it crushes him.


*sniff* It’s okay, he knew he would die. Cyclops are born knowing when their lives will end. Crazy.

Now our questers try to navigate the strange Fortress, getting split into a few different groups. The boy Titch and Ergo end up facing Slayers, where Ergo turns into a tiger to save the boy. A few of our fugitives become trapped in a room where giant spikes come out of the walls, growing closer and closer.

But Colwyn finds Lyssa.


And The Beast.


Meaning it’s time for that fabled weapon he’s been carrying.


He throws The Glaive. Over and over it strikes the Beast, bouncing off the walls, always returning to Colwyn. Finally, he sets the spinning blades to hover before The Beast and attacks. The Glaive hits the creature, and will not return.


Now what?

Lyssa has the answer. Together they can use their love to destroy it. She calls the flame from the wedding ritual that had been left incomplete.


Colwyn hold the fire their hands, sending it to burn the evil that has invaded their world.


As soon as The Beast is gone, all the people trapped in the Fortress are freed and the few who remain run from the structure as it trembles and falls to pieces.

krull 10

From a field they watch as the Black Fortress is sucked into the sky.


Together they ride off. And we are reminded of the prophecy that a girl with an ancient name will become queen, choose a king, and together they will rule their world, and their son will rule the galaxy.

Okay, I know. The story isn’t anything fabulous. A prophecy. A hero that in all honesty is a bit whiny and cocky. A princess, who I thought was a much stronger character, but our prince needed a brisk slap across the face to give him humility. We had a rag-tag bunch on a quest, and, of course, most of them die.

But the music by James Horner was fantastic!

And I was a huge high fantasy fan. And this gave me all the stuff I loved. A creepy evil with a cool army. Fights with swords. Magic (Ergo turns into a goose, puppy, pig, and tiger). In the end, the good wins. The hero learns about sacrifice and he’s not as awesome as he thinks he is. The princess doesn’t sit in a corner and cry, waiting to be rescued. She faces The Beast, searches for a way out, always sure she would win.

Overall, this movie took me somewhere far away. It made me laugh and gasp in awe of the neat images. It left me smiling. It set my mind spinning with otherworldly ideas. Sometimes that’s enough.

A few movies left to do. What could they be? Will you know them? Have you known the ones I have shared?