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Life is full of little moments.

They’re hard to see sometimes, but they’re there. Always moving us forward through our existence, letting us hold onto hope that we can make our lives what we want them to be.

Encouraging words… a smile… laughter.


Little things. Except they can make all the difference.

All weekend, I marveled at my contentedness, and not because of this.


Because of little things. Things that have happened. Things that will happen. The numerous things I’ve accomplished and the multitude of what is to come.


The balance I have been trying to find, the way to be a writer, mom, wife, and me comes from being happy… from just being. What gives us that?

The little things.

Laughing with my kids.

Watching track meets and ball games.

Making a friend, who was battling self-doubt, smile.

Sharing encouraging words with writers.

Helping the hubs with projects.

Reading a book.

Watching a movie.

Finding joy in a funny tweet.

Feeding dandelions to the tortoises.


Search for all the things in your life that make you smile.


Little is powerful. Like tiny glowing lights. If you bring them all together they grow, giving you power.


I salute you, everyone out there living in Monday. Find the little smiles. Share them.