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Nestpitch agent round has begun.


My team #TeamEggsellent has five entries. We critiqued, and we cheered! I’M STILL CHEERING!


Those fabulous writers have revised and revised, and now the day has arrived. Go see here.

Who will get requests? Anyone? We’ll have to wait and see. I know all the writers from all the teams are holding their breaths, possibly pacing, maybe comfort eating, and pretty much doing everything they can to NOT think about it… CAUSE THAT’S POSSIBLE!


Last night the flutter of nerves attacked me. I got slightly attached to these people and their work.


I want happiness for them, for their dreams to come true. I also know that it might not be their day. The perfect agent for them may not stop by. For this is the way the wonderful world of writing works.


Everyone out there who writes, who works at bettering their craft, who never gives up… the dream will become a reality.

Requests… or not, all the participants are on their way. This is just a step on a longer path. And if you ever need someone to walk with you on the road, come find me. I love the journey!

So dance! Be happy! One step at a time. One day at a time. One word at a time.


You can do anything.