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Oh look! It’s Thursday. A blogging day.

I am lost in a bit of OH GOODNESS I HAVE TO SUBMIT MY SHORT STORY TODAY AND I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S ANY GOOD stuff. But after a revision session this morning, I think I’m better. So between that and rereading it again, just to make sure I didn’t do permanent damage, I thought I’d pop on over and share a bit of magic.







Since I will be spending the entire day tomorrow on a field trip to Chicago with my daughter and the rest of the 6th grade, this subject seems appropriate.


As a kid, when my sisters and I would take a ride on the crazy train, my mother would roll her eyes and leave the area. Many adults ignore their kids or tell them to stop when they hit a laughing high.


I join in. Heck, there were many nights in this house when I started the silliness. I can’t help but laugh when my kids can’t stop giggling. When life gets difficult, when the stress begins to boil over, why not climb on the wacko bus and ride!


Embrace the silly.

Playing Lego Harry Potter or Star Wars video games with my kids tends to get crazy. Have you ever seen me play Mario Kart? Yeah. Buckets of fun. I laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. We race to the bathroom so we don’t pee our pants. Things get spilled in the process, which adds to the brilliance of the insanity.

The conversation can turn in a moment from everyday boring to belly-shaking hilarity. What about? Farting. Our own problems (if you can’t laugh at yourself and all that…). Videos on U-Tube. The dog. The cats. NOTHING AT ALL. I love it.


Possibly that’s why I have such a good time with a group of kids. Tomorrow as I wander the halls of museums, I’ll have fun. We’ll joke. We’ll laugh. We’ll look at old stuff, we’ll gaze at a few fish, and sleep through an I-MAX movie about butterfly migration… cause it sounds fascinating. Butterfly migration?


So when adulting becomes just a bit too much, take a page from the books of children and remember the silly. It’s important and not just for kids.


Now run amok, my friends!